(Dunedin, New Zealand Oct 77 – Dec 78)
later became Toy Love


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Old Beneficiaries Hall, Auckland Jun 78
Tracks: With any luck, Fifteen, Iggy told me, Don’t catch fire, Lust, Swimming pool, Greenwalla – pull down the shades, Take it out on the boys, I’m in love, Squeeze, Farrah Fawcett, When is bob coming back, Cover version, Silly girl, Rainbow, Can’t get it up, Take it out on the boys #2, We’re the enemy, Cold meat, I’m not bored I’m dead, Government health warning, Nothing, 1978, unknown, I don’t mind, Sheep

Demos recorded Oct 78
Tracks: Swimming Pool, Pull Down the Shades, Green Walls

Demos recorded Nov 78, Harlequin studios (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

Oct 77 – Dec 78
Chris Knox (voc)
Mick Dawson (bass)
Mike Dooley (drms)
Alec Bathgate (gtr)
[Phil Judd]

Toy Love
early 79 – 80
Chris Knox (voc)
Alec Bathgate (gtr)
Paul Kean (bass)
Mike Dooley (drms)
Jane Walker (keyb)

Mick Dawson later in The Heavenly Bodies
Phil Judd also in Split Enz
Paul Kean is ex-Basket Cases, City Slitz also in Superettes (Jul-Dec 79)
Jane Walker is ex-Basket Cases