Emergency Exit

(Cotham, Bristol, UK 77 – 78)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded May 77 Steve Street studios, Bristol
Tracks: Platform shoes, Shampoo, Blind as a Bat, One One One


Further Information;

Line ups:

Jon Kein (gtr)
Phil Jones (bass)
Paul ‘Fuzz’ Williams (drms)
Mike Stanley (voc)

Jon Klein is also in The News, later in Europeans, Specimen, Siousxie & the Banshees
Mike Stanley later in Total Abusic

“Emergency Exit were never going to rival the success of our school-mates the Cortinas, who were local celebrities and deservedly so. We only played a handful of gigs, including the Annual Bristol Biker Ball in 1977 at one of the Polytechnic sites, where I recall we nearly got killed by hairy greasers hurling bottles and glasses. Jon and I had been friends since we were at Elmlea primary school and playing in bands since we were 14 years old. After he joined Europeans, I went on to form a post-punk ensemble called Total Abusic, which Jon guested in quite a lot. We recorded two demos also at Steve Street’s. Total Abusic gigged a lot in 1980.

Despite everything we were never approached by local music people. I think we didn’t have the right haircuts, weren’t trendy enough or just didn’t know the right people (tick the appropriate box). I find it strange that despite our ubiquitousness on the ‘scene’ at the time, there is no mention of us in the short-listings at bristolarchiverecords.com, but that probably speaks volumes about the cliquiness of the Bristol scene at the time and probably now too (and maybe also the fact that we were possibly a bit crap).

In early ’81, Total Abusic morphed into the Groove Tube (also featuring Jon, myself, Paddy Gigg (ex-Double Vision-drums), Andy Wood (guitar) and Roger Garbutt (ex-No Deposit) on bass , which was another kettle of fish altogether. Leaning heavily on Nuggetts-style late 60’s garage rock, we played two fine very well-received gigs at Trinity Chapel, only slightly marred by a beating from the Barton Hill punks armed with baseball bats. I have some rehearsal recordings of the band, which sound pretty good. We were offered a tour and management deal, but Jon by this time was on the cusp of going to London with Specimen and opening the Batcave and the rest is history as they say.

I came to Madrid for the 1st time in late ’81 and returned to settle here permanently in 1984. Mike Stanley’s Free Radicals, released ‘Pretty Ghost of the Truth’ in (2005) on Several Records. ‘The Little Congregation’ (Independent 2007), Play Stopped Rain (as ‘Stanley’ 2008) and Colliding With A Heartbeat (Mike Stanley 2010). The last five years I have been playing and recording under the moniker of ‘Hungry Survivors’.

Now, at 55, I am currently planning my next musical move-haha. Maybe a return to my noisier roots wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’d love to play some gigs in the UK again.”
(Mike Stanley, March 2016)

http://www.mikestanleymusic.com http://www.soundcloud.com/mike-stanley.

All the above information was kindly provided by Mike Stanley