Edgar Broughton Band

(Warwick, Warwickshire / London 66 – 76)
Protopunk, originally called Edgar Broughton Blues Band (65-66), later known as The Broughtons (78-82)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Edgar Broughton Band

Evil 7″ (Harvest, HAR-5001) released Jun 69
Tracks: Evil, Death of an electric citizen

Wasa Wasa LP (Harvest, SHVL-757) released Jul 69
Tracks: Death of an electric citizen, American boy soldier, Why can’t somebody love me?, Neptune, Evil, Crying, Love in the rain, Dawn crept away

Various Artists – Underground Show LP (Columbia, 3C 062-04226) released 69, Italy
Tracks: Neptune, Evil

Out Demons Out 7″ (Harvest, HAR-5015) *recorded Abbey Road 9-12-69, released Apr 70
Tracks: Out demons out*, Momma’s reward

Out demons out 7″ (Harvest, 3C 000-60002) split 7″ released 70, Italy
Tracks: Out demons out

Sing Brother Sing LP (Harvest, SHVL-772) released Jun 70
Tracks: There’s no vibrations but wait!, The moth, Momma’s reward, Refugee, Officer dan, Old gopher, Aphrodite, Granma, Psychopath, It’s falling away

Up Yours 7″ (Harvest, HAR-5021) released Jun 70
Tracks: Up yours, Officer dan

Apache dropout 7” (Harvest, HAR-5032) released Nov 70
Tracks: Apache dropout, Freedom

Various Artists – The New Spirit Of Capitol LP (Capitol, SNP-6) released 70, USA
Tracks: Boy soldier

Various Artists – Picnic: A breath of fresh air 2 x LP (Harvest, SHSS-1/2) released 70
Tracks: Old gopher

Edgar Broughton Band LP (Harvest, SHVL-791) released May 71
Tracks: Evening over the rooftops, The birth, Piece of my own, Poppy, Dont even know which day it is, House of turnabout, Madhatter, Getting hard, Thinking of you, For doctor spock parts 1 & 2

Hotel room 7″ (Harvest, HAR-5040) released Jun 71
Tracks: Hotel room, Call me a liar

Various Artists – L’Impronta Della Progressive Music EP 7″ (Harvest, 3 C032-17792 S) released 71, Italy
Tracks: The birth

Various Artists – The Harvest Bag LP (Harvest, SHSS-3) released 71
Tracks: Call me a liar

Gone Blue 7″ (Harvest, HAR-5049) released Apr 72
Tracks: Gone Blue, Someone, Mr Crosby

Various Artists – Glastonbury Fayre: The Electric Score 3 x LP (Revelation Enterprises Ltd, REV-1) recorded 24-6-71,
released Apr 72
Tracks: Out demons out

Inside Out LP (Harvest, SHTC-252) released Jul 72
Tracks: Get out of bed / There’s nobody there / Side by side, Sister Angela, I got mad, They took it away, Homes fit for heroes, Gone blue, Chilly morning mama, The rake, Totin’ this guitar, Double agent, It’s not you, Rock n roll

Oora LP (Harvest, SHVL-810) recorded 72, released May 73
Tracks: Hurricane man / Rock n roller, Roccococooler, Eviction, Oh you crazy boy, Things on my mind, Exhibits from a new museum / Green lights, Face from a window / Pretty / Hi-jack boogie / Slow down, Capers

Various Artists – A Good Harvest LP (Harvest, LHATX-851) released 73, France
Tracks: Homes fit for heroes

Masters Of Rock – Vol .6 Edgar Broughton Band LP (Harvest, 3C 054-95118) released 74, Italy
Tracks: Evil, Hotel room, It’s not you, Gone blue, Call me a liar, Death of an electric citizen, House of turnabout, The rake, Crying

Love Gang 7″ (Sonet, T-9574) released 75, Norway
Tracks: Love gang, Sweet fallen angel

A Bunch of 45’s LP (Harvest, SHSM-2001) released 75
Tracks: Apache introducing dropout boogie, Freedom, Momma’s reward, Somone, Hotel room, Up yours, Evil, Gone Blue, Officer dan, death of an electric citizen, Mr Crosby, Out demons out

Bandages LP (Nems, NEL-6006) recorded 75, released Jul 76
Tracks: Get a rise, Speak down the wires, John wayne, The whale, Germany, Love gang, One to seven, Lady life, Signal injector, Fruhling flowers, I want to lie

Various Artists – Harvest Heritage 20 Greats LP (Harvest, SHSM-2020) released Nov 77
Tracks: Momma’s reward


Parlez-vous English LP (Infinity, INS-3027) recorded Dec 78 – Feb 79, released 79
Tracks: Little one, Waiting for you, Drivin’ to nowhere, Meglamaster, Didecoi, April in England, Revelations one, Anthem, Down in the jungle, Rentasong, Yound boys, All i want to be


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Edgar Broughton Blues Band

Demo recorded 65
Tracks: Messin with the kid, Waterloo man, Jacqueline, Tellin’ everybody

Edgar Broughton Band

Demo recorded 66
Tracks: Untitled freak out

BBC Top Gear 27-1-69
Tracks: For what you are about to receive, Why can’t somebody love me

Hyde Park, London 7-6-69
Tracks: Love in rain

Recreation Ground, Bath 28-6-69
Tracks: Out demons out

Rainsbrook Ashlawn Road, Rugby 13-9-69
Tracks: Out demons out

Hyde Park, London 20-9-69
Tracks: Out demons out

Abbey Road studios 9-12-69
Tracks: Smokestack lightning, What is a woman for, Yason blues, Refugee. Dopout boogie, American Boy soldier, Momma’s reward, Out demon out

Demos recorded 69-70
Tracks: Rad doll, There’s no vibrations but wait (alt. version), The locket, We’ve got the power, Apache dropout (alt version)

Bataclan, Paris 70
Tracks: American Soldier Boy, Psychopath

Hyde Park Free Concert 18-7-70
Tracks: Love in the rain, Silver needle, Refugee, Out demons out

Big Apple, Brighton 16-1-71
Tracks: Freedom, Psychopath, Dropout Boogie, Out Demons Out

Eisstadion Allmend, Bern 6-6-71
Tracks: Freedom, Dropout Boogie, Poppy, House of Turnabout, What is a Woman For?, Love in the rain / Look at the Mayor, I wanna go Home

Demo recorded 71
Tracks: Bring it home

BBC Radio 1 In Concert 11-5-72, Paris Theatre, London
Tracks: Side by side, Call me a liar, Poppy, The rake, Gone blue, Chilly morning momma, I got mad, And it’s not you, Out demons out.

Sundown Mile End 72
Tracks: Look at the mayor

Hamburg 73, Fabrik concert
Tracks: Get out of bed / There’s nobody there / Side by side / Sister angela, I got mad / Momma’s reward, Poppy, Love in the rain, Look at the mayor, gone blue, spoke to freedom, freedom, Out demons out

Rainbow, London / Oldham College / Newport College 76
Tracks: Get out of bed, There’s nobody there, side by side, Sister Angela, Love in the rain, One to seven, Hotel room, Evening over rooftops, Freedom, Poppy, Signal injector, Smokestack lightning

Demo recorded Wee Mee Nit studio 76
Tracks: The actor


Further Information;


Line ups:

#1                                         #2                                        #3
66 – 69                                  70                                        71 – 72
Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)   Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)  Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)
Arthur Grant (bass)              Arthur Grant (bass)             Arthur Grant (bass)
Steve Broughton (drms)      Steve Broughton (drms)     Steve Broughton (drms)
Victor Unitt (gtr)                                                                Victor Unitt (gtr)

#4                                         #5                                         #6
73 – 74                                  75                                         75-76
Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)   Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)   Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)
Arthur Grant (bass)              Arthur Grant (bass)              Arthur Grant (bass)
Steve Broughton (drms)      Steve Broughton (drms)      Steve Broughton (drms)
.                                            John Thomas (gtr)               Terry Cottam (gtr)
.                                            Peter Knudsen (keyb)
.                                            Digger Davis (gtr)
78 – 82
Edgar Broughton (voc/gtr)
Arthur Grant (bass)
Steve Broughton (drms)
Richard De Bastion (keyb)
Pete Tolson (gtr)
Tom Nordon (gtr)
Allan Smith (sax)

Arthur Grant later in Charles Earland And Odyssey (76, USA)
Victor Unitt also in Pretty Things, Steve Broughton also in Fast Breeder & the Radio Actors
Terry Cottam later In Terra Cotta