Ducks Deluxe

(London Feb 72 – Jul 75)
Pub Rock


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Various Artists – Christmas at the Patti 2×10″ (United Artists, UDX-205/6) recorded Patti Pavillion, Swansea 19-12-72, released 73
Tracks: Boogaloo Babe

Coast to coast 7″ (RCA, RCA-2438) released Nov 73
Tracks: Coast to coast, Bring back that packard car

Fireball 7″ (RCA, LPBO-5019) released Apr 74
Tracks: Fireball, Saratoga Suzie

Love’s melody 7″ (RCA, RCA-2477) released Oct 74
Tracks: Love’s melody, Two time twister

Ducks Deluxe LP (RCA Victor, LPLI-5008) recorded Oct 73, released 74
Tracks: Coast To Coast, Nervous Breakdown, Daddy Put The Bomp, I Got You, Please Please Please, Fireball, Don’t Mind Rockin’ Tonite, Hearts On My Sleeve, Falling For That Woman, West Texas Trucking Board, Too Hot To Handle, It’s
All Over Now

Please please please (Mono) 7″ promo (RCA, DJHO-0297) released 74
Tracks: Please please please (Mono), Please please please (stereo)

I fought the law 7″ (RCA, RCA-2531) released Feb 75
Tracks: I fought the law, Cherry pie

Jumpin’ EP 7″ (Skydog, EP-005) released 75, Holland
Tracks: I fought the law, Something’s going on, Jumpin’ in the fire, Here comes the night

Taxi To the Terminal Zone LP (RCA, SF8402) recorded Aug – Nov 74, released 75
Tracks: Cherry Pie, It Don’t Matter Tonite, I’m Crying, Love’s Melody, Teenage Head, Rio Grande, My My Music, Rainy Night In Kilburn, Woman Of The Man, Paris 9

Last night of a Pub Rock Band 2xLP (Blue Moon, BMLP-001) recorded 100 Club London 1-7-75, released 79
Tracks: Fireball, Proud Mary, Evil, Midnight Moon, The Mighty Quinn, Here Comes The Night, Knocking On Heaven’s Door, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Amsterdam Dog, Jumpin’ In The Fire, Run Rudolph Run, Teenage Head, Coast To Coast, (Get Your Kicks On ) Route 66, Little Queenie, Brown Sugar, Midnight Rambler, Going Down The Road

Don’t mind rockin tonight LP (RCA Victor, PL-25132) released 78
Tracks: Coast To Coast, Fireball, Saragota Suzie, Don’t Mind Rockin’ Tonite, Daddy Put The Bomp, Please Please Please, It’s All Over Now, Love’s Melody, Two-Time Twister, I Fought The Law, Paris 9, My My Music, Something’s Going On, Here Comes The Night

Various Artists – Here comes the Night LP (Skydog, SGC-017) released 78, France
Tracks: Here comes the night


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

BBC John Peel session 12-6-73
Tracks: Fireball, Coast To Coast, Pensecola Blues, Bring Back My Packard Car

Demos recorded 74
Tracks: Saratoga Susie, I Got You, Hearts On My Sleeve, Daddy Put The Bomp, Too Hot To Handle, Falling For That Woman

Roddy’s Music Inn, Amsterdam 18-5-74
Tracks: My My Music, West Texas Trucking Board, Daddy Put The Bomp, Hoochie Coochie Man, I Don’t Mind Rockin Tonite, Do The Handjive, Carol, Woman Of The Man, It Don’t Matter Tonite, It’s All Over Now, Canons Of The Boogie Night, Work, Wee Wee Hours, Please Please Please

BBC John Peel session 23-4-74
Tracks: Fireball, Dancing Beat, The Cannons Of The Boogie Night, It’s All Over Now

Capitol Radio, Battle of the Bands 74
Tracks: It Don’t Matter Tonite, It’s All Over Now, Cannons Of The Boogie Nights, Work Work Work, My My Music, Fireball, Dancing Beat

BBC John Peel session 20-3-75
Tracks: Paris 9, Jumping In The Fire, Amsterdam Dog, Something’s Going On

Paris 7-4-75
Tracks: Proud Mary, Trouble, Midnight Blues, Don’t You Go, Here Comes The Night, Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Something’s Goin’ On, Jumpin’ In The Night, Run Rudolph Run, Paris 9, Teenage Head, Carol, Coast To Coast, Route 66


Further Information;

Line ups:

Feb 72 –
Michael Cousins (perc)
Ken Whaley (bass/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)

– Dec 72
Ken Whaley (bass/voc)
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Tim Roper (drms)
Nick Garvey (bass)

Dec 72 – Jan 74
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Tim Roper (drms)
Nick Garvey (bass)
Andy McMaster (keyb/voc)

Jan – Apr 74
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Nick Garvey (bass)
Tim Roper (drms)

Apr 74 – May 75
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Tim Roper (drms)
Micky Groome (bass)

May – Jul 75
Sean Tyla (gtr/voc)
Martin Belmont (gtr/voc)
Micky Groome (bass)
Brinsley Schwartz (gtr/voc)
Billy Rankin (drms)

Michael Cousins is also in Magic Michael
Ken Whaley & Sean Tyla are ex-Help Yourself
Ken Whalely later in Help Yourself, Man, Tyla Gang
Andy McMaster is ex-Sabres and later in The Motors
Nick Garvey later in The Snakes, Motors
Micky Groome is ex-Nashville Teens, later in Force
Brinsley Schwartz & Billy Rankin are ex-Brinsley Schwarz
Brinsley Schwartz & Martin Belmont later in Graham Parker & the Rumour
Sean Tyla later in Tyla Gang