(Coventry, West Midlands 75 – late 78)
Power Pop, aslo played as The Beagles (76)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Don’t let me be wrong 7″ (Island, WIP-6292) recorded Dec 75, released Mar 76
Tracks: Don’t let me be wrong, Get to you

Just wanna love you 7″ (Island, WIP-6342) released Jun 76
Tracks: Just Wanna Love You, Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Down 7″ (Island, WIP-6361) released Dec 76
Tracks: Down, Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Love on the rebound LP (Polydor, 2383 513) recorded Apr 77 – 78, released May 78
Tracks: Love On The Rebound, Anytime, For Your Love, Come Out Fighting, I Call Your Name, Mr. Music, Little Darlin’, Don’t Know What You’re Doing, It Was You, Take Another Piece, Just Wanna Love You, Don’t Let Me Be Wrong, All I Do, Das Ende

Love on the rebound 7″ (Polydor, 2059 028) released May 78
Tracks: Love on the rebound, Come out fighting

Love on the rebound 7″ promo (Polydor, PD-14515) released 78, USA, released as a promo 12″ (Polydor, PRO-061)
Tracks: Love on the rebound (long vers), Love on the rebound (short vers)

Don’t let me be wrong 7″ (Polydor, 2059 046) released Aug 78
Tracks: Don’t let me be wrong, Come out fighting

Anytime 7″ (Polydor, 2059 074) released Nov 78
Tracks: Anytime, Little Darlin’


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded late 75 (Tracks unknown)

Don’t Let Me Be Wrong 10″ Acetate (CBS) recorded/released 75/76
Tracks: Don’t let me be wrong

Demos recorded early 76 (Island)
Tracks: Only Lonely, All I Want Is You, Matter Of Pride, For Your Love, Sun’s In My Eyes, Don’t Let It Go, Take Another Piece, Love On The Rebound, How Can I Be True To Her, I Can’t Live Without Your Love, I Believe In You, Won’t Forget You, Mr. Music

BBC John Peel session 11-5-76
Tracks: Don’t let me be wrong, Just wanna love you, Get to you, Help me out

BBC In Concert 16-8-76
Tracks: Another time another place, 24 Reasons, Matter Of Pride, Just Want To Love You, Down, Don’t Know What You’re Doing, Where Were You

TV Show Aug 76
Tracks: Just wanna love you

Supersonic TV Show late 76
Tracks: Down

Demos recorded 6-9-78 “2nd LP session”
Tracks: Stop Slow Down, Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Do It, New Way New Day, One More Chance, When I Look In Your Eyes, Once In Your Life, Not Again, Whatever You Do, Crazy (Jackson), No One Knows, Tonight, More And More

Demos recorded 1-11-78 “2nd LP session” Rockfield studios
Tracks: I can’t live without your love, Se me see you, All on you, Come out fighting, Knock down your door


Further Information;

Line ups:

Proto Dodgers                    Dodgers #1                          #2
75                                       75 – Jun 76                          Jul 76
John Wilson (gtr/voc)         John Wilson (gtr/bass/voc)   Tom Evans (voc/bass)
Dave Powell (drms)            Dave Powell (drms)              John Wilson (gtr/bass/voc)
? (bass)                              Bob Jackson (voc/keyb)       Bob Jackson (voc/keyb)
.                                          Tom Evans (voc/bass)         Terry Williams (drms)

#3                                        #4
Aug 76 – Apr 77                   Apr 77 – Nov 78
Tom Evans (voc/bass)         Paul Hooper (drms)
Bob Jackson (voc/keyb)       Roger Lomas (gtr/bass/voc)
John Wilson (gtr/bass/voc)  Bob Jackson (voc/keyb)
Paul Hooper (drms)             John Wilson (gtr/bass/voc)

John Wilson & Dave Powell are ex-Nimbo, Rockits
Tommy Evans & Bob Jackson are ex-Badfinger (74-75)
Bob Jackson is ex-Indian Summer (69-72), Rigor Mortis (72), Ross (73-74), Piblokto, later in Searchers (79)
Roger Lomas is ex-Sorrows, Eggy
Paul Hooper is ex-Indian Summer (69-72)
Terry Williams is ex-Man, and later in Rockpile