(Los Gatos, California, USA 76 – )


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos & Live recorded 77 – 78
Tracks: Better have a reason, Cute little girl, Give your money to me, Secrets (studio), School stinks, Suburban assassins (studio), Sleep all day, Crime is the punishment, Rudy monkey, Kansas city, Johnny b. goode, How does it happen?, Next big fight, I cant stand it, Chitter chatter, Influence peddlers, Suburban assassins (live), Secrets ( live), Now aint that, We will do our job


Further Information;

Line ups:

Don Campau (voc/gtr)
Greg Gray (drms)
Joe Menichetti (bass/gtr)
Alfred Scheller (voc/gtr)
Chris Reader (gtr)

Don Campau is ex-Roots Of Madness