(Brighton, East Sussex 76 – 79)
originally called Jukebox, later called The DP’s


Official Pre-79 Releases;



Living On Dreams 7” (Barn, 2014 112) released Oct 77
Tracks: Family Planning, Living on dreams



Living On Dreams 7″ (Polydor, 2014 112) released 77, Netherlands
Tracks: Living On Dreams, Family Planning



Messing With Your Heart 7” (Barn, 2014 119) released Feb 78
Tracks: Messing with your heart, Street Kid



Messing with Your Heart 7″ (Barn, 2014 119) released 78, Germany
Tracks: Messing With Your Heart, Street Kid


The Depressions LP (Barn, 2314 105) released Mar 78
Tracks: Screw ya, Radio trash, Don’t want your love, Do something, High rise living, Handle with care, Messing with your heart, Basement daze, Family planning, Chains and leather, Get out of this town, Career girl, Burning ambition, Street attack


Get Out of This Town 7” (Barn, 2014 122) released Apr 78
Tracks: Basement daze, Get out of this town

If You Know What I Mean 7” (Barn, 2014 126) released Sep 78
Tracks: Running away, If you know what I mean

Television Romeo 7” (Barn, 2014 129) released Nov 78
Tracks: Television romeo, Born to win

If you know what I mean LP (Barn, 2314 107) released Dec 78
Tracks: Television romeo, Innocent man, Do the works, People pn the inside, Born to win, If you know what I mean, Hearts get broken, The answer is a gun, One more pill, Rooftops, City of freaks, You sold me out


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

76 – 78
Ozzy Garvey (drms)
Dave Barnard (voc/bass)
Frank Smith (gtr)
Eric Wright (voc/gtr)

78 – feb 79
Ozzy Garvey (drms)
Dave Barnard (voc/bass)
Eric Wright (voc/gtr)
Tony Mayberry (gtr)

Ozzy Garvey, Dave Barnard, Eric Wright are ex-Tonge
Ozzy Garvey is also ex-Wild Angels (75)
Frank Smith later in Siren (79)
Tony Mayberry is ex-Joe Cool & the Killers, later in Midnight & the Lemon Boys
Dave Barnard & Tony Mayberry later in The Vandells