(New York, USA 75 – 78)
also known as Elliot & the Demons


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Demons LP (Mercury, SRM-1-1164) released 77
Tracks: It’ll Be Alright, Gimme Love, She’s So Tuf, Ten Past One, She’s A Rebel, I Fought The Law, Bad Dreamin’, Tell Him That Too, What A Shame, I Hate You


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

Martin Butler (bass)
Eliot Kidd (voc/gtr)
Walter Lure (gtr)
Jimmie O’Brien (gtr)
Mike Rappaport (drms)

Robbie Twyford (bass)
Mike Rappaport (drms)
Bob Jones (gtr)
Martin Butler (gtr)
Eliot Kidd (voc/perc)
[Lisa Burns (voc)]
[Genya Raven (voc)]

Martin Butler, Bob Jones later in the Very Few
Bob Jones is ex-Poppees
Martin Butler is ex-Triton, Pandora
Walter Lure is ex-Blood Bath, later in the Heartbreakers