Deke Leonard’s Iceberg

(Wales 73, 77 – 79)
(Pub Rock)






Official Pre-79 Releases:

Deke Leonard

Iceberg LP (United Artists, UAS 29464) released 73
Tracks: Razor Blade And Rattlesnake, I Just Can’t Win, Lisa, Nothing Is Happening, Looking For A Man, A Hard Way To Live, Broken Ovation, Jesse, Ten Thousand Takers, The Ghost Of Musket Flat, Crosby (Second Class Citizen Blues), 7171 551


Diamond Road 7″ (United Artists, UP 35494) released Feb 73
Tracks: Diamond Road, Turning In Circles


Diamond Road 7″ (United Artists, UP 35494 A) released Jun 73, Germany
Tracks: Diamond Road, Turning in Circles



Diamond Road 7″ (United Artists, UP 35494) released 73, France
Tracks: Diamond Road, Turning in Circles


Diamond Road 7″ promo (United Artists, UAXW215-W) released May 73, USA
Tracks: Diamond Road (mono), Diamond Road (stereo)

Nothing Is Happening 7″ (United Artists, UP 35556) Jul 73 unreleased
Tracks: Nothing Is Happening, Sixty Minute Man


I Just Can’t Win 7″ (Liberty, LLR 10574) released Jul 73, Japan
Tracks: I Just Can’t Win, Nothing Is Happening


Nothing Is Happening 7″ (United Artists, UP 35556) released Jul 73
Tracks: Nothing Is Happening, She’s A Cow

A Hard Way to Live 7″ (United Artists, UP 35556) released Aug 73
Tracks: A Hard Way To Live, The Aching Is So Sweet


A Hard Way To Learn 7″ (United Artists, UA 35556 A) released 73, Germany
Tracks: A Hard Way To Learn, The Aching is So Sweet



A Hard Way To Learn 7″ (United Artists, UP 35556 J) released 73, France
Tracks: A Hard Way To Learn, The Aching is So Sweet


A Hard Way to Live 7″ promo (United Artists, UAXW 359W) released Nov 73, USA
Tracks: A Hard Way to Live (mono), A Hard Way to Live (stereo)

Various Artists – Christmas At The Patti 2×10″ LP (United Artists, UDX 205/6) released 73. *as Help Yourself with Deke Leonard & BJ Cole
Tracks: Mona, Eddie Waring

Kamikaze LP (United Artists, UAG 29544) released 74
Tracks: Cool Summer Rain, Jayhawk Special, Sharpened Claws, Taking The Easy Way Out, The Black Gates Of Death, Stacia, Broken Glass And Lime Juice, April The Third, Louisiana Hoedown, In Search Of Sarah And Twenty-Six Horses, The Devil’s Gloves


Louisiana Hoedown 7″ (United Artists, UP 35668) released Apr 74
Tracks: Louisiana Hoedown, She’s A Cow

Before Your Very Eyes LP (United Artists, UAG 30240) recorded 77, released 81
Tracks: Someone Is Calling, Fools Like Me, Marlene, Oh, When Am I Coming Back, Get Off The Line, Hiding In The Darkness, Big Hunk Of Love, I Feel Like A Pill, The World Exploded In My Face, What Am I Gonna Do When The Money Runs Out?, Bad Luck


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Deke Leonard’s Iceberg

Golders Green Hippodrome, London 21-3-73
Tracks: Razorblade & Rattlesnake, 7171 551, A Hard Way To Live, In Search Of Sarah And 26 Horses

Deke Leonard

BBC John Peel Session recorded 14-5-73
Tracks: Hard Way To Live, Razor Blade And Rattle Snake, Jayhawk Special, Four Corners Of Hell

BBC John Peel session recorded 26-11-73
Tracks: 7171 511, In Search Of Sarah And 26 Horses, Daugher Of The Fireplace, Eddy Waring

BBC John Peel Session recorded 15-2-78
Tracks: Map Of India, Oh!, Big Hunk Of Love, Dirty Dirty Feelin’


Further Information;

Line ups:

“Iceberg LP”
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Mike Gibbins
Byron Berline
Tommy Riley
Martin Ace
Beau Adams
+Help Yourself

Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Brian Breeze (gtr)
Keith Hodge (drms)
Paul Burton (bass)

Martin Ace (bass/voc)
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Brian Breeze (gtr)
Keith Hodge (drms)

Martin Ace (bass/voc)
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Brian Breeze (gtr)
Dave Charles (drms)

Dec 73
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Brian Breeze (gtr)
Dave Charles (drms)
Ken Whaley (bass)

“Kamikaze LP”
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Martin Ace (bass)
Dave Charles (drms)
Brian Breeze (gtr)
Keith Hodge (drms)
Tommy Riley (drms)
Terry Williams (drms)
Mickey Jones (gtr)
Ken Whaley (bass)

“Before Your Very Eyes LP”
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Martin Ace (bass)
Terry Williams (drms)

77 –
Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Lincoln Carr (bass)
Terry Williams (drms)

Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Richard Treece (gtr/bass)
BJ Cole (gtr)
Reg Isadore (drms)

Deke Leonard (gtr/voc)
Howard Hughes (keyb)
Anthony Stone (drms)

Deke Leonard is ex-Lucifer & the Corncrackers (62), Jets, Blackjacks, Smokeless Zone, Dream, Byestanders, Man, Help Yourself, later in Man, Tyla Gang (77), Larry Wallis‘s band, Quicksilver Messenger Service
Brian Breeze, Keith Hodge are ex-Corncrackers
Martin Ace is ex-Jets, Corncrackers, Man
Mike Gibbins is also in Badfinger
Byron Berline is also in Flying Burrito Brothers
Paul Burton, Ken Whaley, Richard Treece, BJ Cole are ex-Help Yourself
Ken Whaley later in Man
Terry Williams is ex-Commancheros, The Smokeless Zone, Dream, Plum Crazy, Love Sculpture, Man, Dodgers, later in Rockpile, also in Celia & the Mutations, later in Dire Straits, Motors, Larry Wallis’s Psychedelic Rowdies, Nick Lowe’s band
Tom Riley, Lincoln Carr are later in Memphis Bend


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
24/04/73 Savoy Theatre, Limerick
18/05/73 All Saints College, Tottenham
19/05/73 East Park, Hull
27/05/73 Empire Pool, Wembley
16/06/73 Granary, Bristol
06/07/73 Cardiff University
08/07/73 Bletchley FC
28/07/73 Cheltenham FC
30/07/73 Top Rank, Doncaster
04/08/73 Open Air Festival, Ascona, CH
09/08/73 Memorial Hall, Barry
10/08/73 Clarences, Halifax
10/08/73 Kings Cross Cinema, London (?)
14/08/73 Global Village, Charing Cross, London
31/08/73 Penthouse, Scarborough
16/09/73 Clissold Park, London
18/09/73 Swaythling, Southampton
24/09/73 Memorial Hall, Barry
25/09/73 Glen Ballroom, Llanelli
26/09/73 King’s Hall, Aberystwyth
27/09/73 Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
28/09/73 Pavilion, Bath
29/09/73 Stoneground, Gorton, Manchester
30/09/73 Guildhall, Portsmouth
30/09/73 Guildhall, Preston
01/10/73 City Hall, Glasgow
02/10/73 Caley Picture House, Edinburgh
05/10/73 Town Hall, Middlesbrough
06/10/73 City Hall, Hull
07/10/73 De Montfort Hall, Leicester
08/10/73 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
09/10/73 Town Hall, Watford
10/10/73 Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
11/10/73 Town Hall, Cheltenham
12/10/73 Surrey University, Guildford
13/10/73 Village Roundhouse, Dagenham
15/10/73 City Hall, Sheffield
16/10/73 Town Hall, Leeds
17/10/73 Top Rank, Cardiff
19/10/73 Exeter University
20/10/73 Liverpool Stadium
21/10/73 Torrington Arms, Finchley, London
22/10/73 Top Rank, Southampton
23/10/73 Locarno, Stevenage
24/10/73 Pier Pavilion, Hastings
26/10/73 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
27/10/73 Village Roundhouse, Dagenham
28/10/73 Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon
29/10/73 Town Hall, Birmingham
31/10/73 King’s Hall, Derby
01/11/73 Melody Rooms, Norwich
02/11/73 North London Polytechnic
03/11/73 Glen Ballroom, Llanelli
11/11/73 Torrington Arms, Finchley, London
16/11/73 Aberystwyth University
17/11/73 Firebird, Birmingham
17/11/73 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
18/11/73 Youth Centre, Bletchley
22/12/73 Town Hall, High Wycombe
30/12/73 Greyhound, Fulham Palace Road, London
26/06/77 Roxy Club, Covent Garden, London
01/07/77 Kingsway Princeton College, Kings Cross, London
25/11/77 76 Club, Burton-on-Trent
26/11/77 Balls Park College, Hertford
27/11/77 Torrington Arms, Finchley, London
08/12/77 Granary, Bristol
09/12/77 Salford University, Manchester
10/12/77 Loughborough University
11/12/77 Eric’s, Liverpool
12/12/77 Leeds Polytechnic
13/12/77 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
14/12/77 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
15/12/77 Queensway (Civic) Hall, Dunstable
16/12/77 Pavilion, Bath
17/12/77 Plymouth Polytechnic
18/12/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
23/01/78 Aberystwyth University
26/01/78 Mr Digby’s, Birkenhead
27/01/78 North Staffs Polytechnic, Stoke-on-Trent
28/01/78 Casino, Wigan
29/01/78 Memorial Hall, Newbridge
31/01/78 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
31/01/78 Troubadour, Port Talbot
01/02/78 Bradford University
02/02/78 Edinburgh University
03/02/78 Dundee College of Technology
04/02/78 Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
05/02/78 Eric’s, Liverpool
06/02/78 Fforde Grene Hotel, Leeds
07/02/78 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
10/02/78 Sussex University, Brighton
11/02/78 Chelsea College, Manresa Rd, London
12/02/78 Nashville Rooms, Kensington, London
05/03/78 JB’s Club, Dudley
08/06/78 Castle, Tooting, London
10/06/78 Stapleton, London
29/06/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
30/07/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
16/09/78 Brecknock, Camden Rd, London
18/09/78 City Arms, Angel, London
(?) = noted but uncertainty with date and/or venue
(*) = band originally booked but did not appear / gig cancelled and/or date moved