Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs

(Perth, Western Australia Oct 76 – 8?)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

From The Suburbs

Suburban Boy 7″ (EMI Custom, PRS 2499) released 76, UK
Tracks: Suburban Boy, Donna

Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs

Summer ’78 7″ (Bicton, BR001) released 78
Tracks: Summer ’78, Australian Heat

Suburban Boy 7″ (Mushroom, K 7265) released 78
Tracks: Suburban Boy, Clarke’s Bolero

Mug’s Game LP (Mushroom, L 36759) released 78
Tracks: Convict Streak, Campus Days, African Summer, Suburban Boy, Oklahoma, Eve Of Destruction, Worst Day, Mug’s Game

(We Got) Nothing to Lose 7″ (Mushroom, K 7384) released 78
Tracks: (We Got) Nothing To Lose, African Summer

Free Kicks LP (Mushroom, L 36910) recorded *June 78 & Nov 78, released 79
Tracks: Kangaroo Hop, Sidewalk Surfin’, Australian Heat, Strange Night*, Girls Wank, Yella In Me, Hot Crotch, Old Stock Road, Suburban Rock*, Monsters Back


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 4-3-76 Spaceward studios
Tracks: Suburban Boy, New Age, The Old Buccaneer

Demo recorded 15-6-76 Spaceward studios
Tracks: Bicton breezes, Ulysses, Campus days, Suburban boy, The old buccaneer, 1930’s depression, Divine service, These parts, Summer ’76, Donna, Sidewalk surfin’

Victoria Hotel, Perth Jun 77 & Shenton Park Hotel Dec 77
Tracks: New Age, •Hot Crotch, •Girls Wank, Sweet Jane, •Suburban Boy, Clarke’s Bolero, Yella in Me, Campus Days, Eve of Destruction, Revenge of the Lawn Becomes Vinyl, Around These Parts, Barcelona, Donna, Oklahoma, Sidewalk Surfin’, •Convict Streak, Monster’s Back, •Phantom, Australian Heat, Mug’s Game, I Don’t Know What I Feel, Silver, The Immigrant’s Lament, She Didn’t Write, Like a Rolling Stone, Deep End, Strange Night, African Summer, Suburban Rock, Old Stock Road, Half-Time at the Football, Kangaroo Hop, Lonely Bar-Room Crawler, Welcome to the Hospital, Schoolgirl, Where Can I Go, Hitchhiker

Victoria Hotel, Perth Jun 77 “Victoria Tapes”
Tracks: Saturday afternoon, Girls wank, Half time at the football, Suburban boy, Mug’s game, Sweet jane, Lolongo stomp, You done my brain in, Yellow in me, Campus days, Worst day of my life, The monster’s back, Sidewalk surfin’


Further Information;



Line ups:

Oct 76
Dave Warner (voc)
John Ryan (gtr)
Terry Serio

Dave Warner (voc)
John Ryan (gtr)
Stuart Davies-Slate (drms)
Haydn Pickersgill (bass)
John Dennison (keyb)

Dave Warner (voc)
Tony Durant (gtr)
John Dennison (keyb)
John Ryan (gtr)
Howie Johnstone (drms)
Paul Noonan (bass)

Dave Warner is ex-Pus
Tony Durant is ex-Simon Boswell’s Band?