(Melbourne, Victoria 75 – 81)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Steve Maxwell Von Braund

Monster Planet LP (Clear Light Of Jupiter, CLOJ 777) released 75
Tracks: Monster Planet, Shadowfax, Spirit, Crystal Forest

Monster Planet 7″ (Clear Light Of Jupiter, CLOJ 7) released 75
Tracks: Monster Planet, Crystal Forest


Cybotron LP (Clear Light Of Jupiter, CLOJ 782) released 76
Tracks: Arrakis, Mumbo Jumbo, Gods Of Norse, Parameters Of Consciousness, Sonic Overide (Sliding, The Riddle, Answer)

Sunday Night At The Total Theatre LP (Cybotron, CY-6542) recorded Nov 76, released 77
Tracks: Parameters Of Consciousness, Vulcan

Colossus LP (Champagne, CHA 7004) released 78
Tracks: Colossus, Eclipse, Medusa, Raga In Asia Minor

Colossus 7″ (Champagne, CHS 605) released 78
Tracks: Colossus, Ride To Infinity


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Christmas Hills Festival Dec 78
Tracks: Parameters Of Infinity (Part One), Parameters Of Infinity (Part Two)


Further Information;

Line ups:

Steve Maxwell Von Braund (keyb/perc/sax)
Geoff Green (keyb)
Colin Butcher (drms/keyb)