COUM Transmissions

(Hull, East Yorkshire Dec 69 – May 78)
Avant-Garde Theatre / Music


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 68 ‘Early Worm’
Tracks: Joint Effort, Firesong, Mourning To The Dusk, Waltz Of The Newt, Prelude, Clockword Cloud, Rather Hard To Libel, A Very Short Middle, Balloon, Lament, Breakfast, The Early Worm

Radio Humberside session Apr 71 (Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded 71 ‘The Sound of Porridge Bubbling’
Tracks: Welcome To The Alien Camp, Real Sure Alien Brain, On The Count Of Three, Dogs Are Funny People, It’s Easy With Kesey, 73 Vibrant, Magazine Illustration, Magickal Variants, Nude Supper, The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling

Demo recorded Jun 74 Hoho Funhouse, Hull ‘Sugarmorphoses’
Tracks: Sugarmorphoses (part 1), Sugarmorphoses (part 2)

Royal College Of Art, London 1-10-74
Tracks: Music For Stocking Top Swing And Staircase

Demos recorded 73-76
Tracks: Doo Dah, Prescott & Williams 1932, Edna & the great surfers, Cement men, My granny goes grave digging, 18 Month hope, Home aged

Demos recorded *70, **74
Tracks: Dry Blood Tampax*, Stained by dead horses**


Further Information;

Line up:

Dec 69 – May 78
Genesis P Orridge (bass/voc)
Cosey Fanni Tutti (gtr/voc)
Spydee Gasmantell
Haydn Robb (bass)
Ray Harvey
Lee Maull
Fizzey Paet
Peter Christopherson (keyb)
Chris Carver (keyb)
Tim Poston
Ian Evans
John Smith
John Lacey
Hermine Demoriane (voc)

Geneis P Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christpherson & Chris Carver are later in Throbbing Gristle (Sep 75)
Hermine Demoriene also in Moody & the Menstruators, and later Subterraneans, solo


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)

69            St Peter’s, Anlaby, Hull “Thee Fabulous Mutations”
69            Hull University “Clockwork Hot Spoiled Acid Test”
70            Alberts Jazz Club, Hull “99 United Sacks”
70            Hull University “Broken Equipment”
71            Granny’s Parlour, Hull “Disintegration of Fact”
71            Gondola Club, Hull “Riot Control”
71            Hull “Absolute Elsewhere”
21/08/71  Brickhouse, Hull “Fairyland Powder Puffs”
71            Arts Centre, Hull “Caves of Montalbaan”
71            Hull “Skin Complaints”
22/10/71  St George’s Hall, Bradford “Edna & the Great Surfers”
71            Alien Brain, Hull “Coum Orgee Number 1”
71            Afro Club, Bradford “Exorcism of Shit”
71            Alien Brain, Hull “I’m a Robot”
71            Hull “Christ Whitemas”
72            Arts Centre, Hull “Infra Red Bucket”
72            New Grange Club, Hull “This Machine Kills Music”
72            Alien Brain, Hull “Kissing”
72            Kent University, Canterbury “Copyright Breeches”
72            Hull “Prison Cell”
72            Canterbury “Dead Pedestrians”
72            Hull “Miss Teen Principles”
72            Ferens Art Gallery, Hull “Festival of Night”
72            London “Anal Coumfidence”
72            Holy Trinity Church Hull “Bullnecks”
72            Ferens Art Gallery, Hull “Wagon Train”
72            Hull “Coum to the Rescue”
02/07/72  Arts Centre, Hull “Thee Alien Brain & Mass Panic”
72            Arts Festival, Bradford “Spartacus Defused”
72            Hull “Melissa Pouts”
72            Alien Brain, Hull “Welcoum Home Tim”
72            West Wood, Beverley “Drakularse Tower”
72            Hull “Thee Business”
02/01/73  Arts Centre, Hull “Fanfare for Europe”
06/01/73  Ferens Art Gallery, Hull “Ministry of Antisocial Insecurity”
01/73       Arts Centre, Hull “Winston Spencer Churchill”
01/73       Hull “Glass With Care”
09/01/73  De Lantaren, Rotterdam “Colliche Pastage”
10/01/73  Lijnbaan, Rotterdam “Baby of Europe”
01/73       Open Theatre Festival, Louvain “Copy Dementaria”
01/73       Oxford University “Babys Coumpetition”
02/02/73  Ferens Art Gallery, Hull “Infantile Launchpad”
19/02/73  Swansea University “Ministry & Colliche”
04/73       Bretton Hall College, Wakefield “Thee Biggles Saga”
04/73       Louvain University, Belgium “Revolutionary Sprirt”
17/05/73  Art Festival, Manchester “Thee Marriage of Fizzy Paet”
14/06/73  Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham “Decoumposition”
06/73       Reading University “Landscape Painting & Actions”
06/73       Surrey University “Stick em Up”
73            Arts Centre, Hull “Kingston-coum-Hull”
73            Bull Ring, Birmingham “Landscape Painting & Actions”
73            Portabello Rd, London “Framed”
73            SPACE Party, London “Weight and Smell”
19/07/73  Museum, Blackburn “Terribull Twin Actions”
21/08/73  Victor Musgrave Gallery, Hastings “Landscape Painting & Actions”
73            Reading University “Blue Mover”
73            Alien Brain, Hull “Happy Daze No. 1”
73            London University, Malet Street “Thee Lump E Found on the Pavement”
73            Oval House Theatre, London “Parties Overt”
73            Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham “Flag Show”
73            Northallerton Prison “Bullnecks”
73            El Festival, Stepney, London “Everything is Nothing”
24/01/74  Zwaarte Zaal, Ghent “Marcel Duchamp’s Next Work”
01/74       Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels “Marcel Duchamp’s Next Work”
74            London “Spaghetti Junction”
74            Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London “Miners Catastrophe”
03/74       Oval House, Kennington, London “Couming of Age”
74            Howff, London “Alien Porno Rock”
74            Finsbury Park, London “Lesbian Simulation”
74            Premier Camera Club, London “Cosey Sexual Action”
74            Art Meeting Place, London “Orange & Blue”
74            Art Meeting Place, London “Gainsborough’s Blue Movie Boy”
74            Art Meeting Place, London “4 Hours Music Action”
74            Hat Fair, Winchester “Dead Babies Wet Babies”
03/06/74  HoHo Funhouse, Hull “Sugarmorphoses”
74            Art Meeting Place, London “Signals”
74            Masons Gardens, Birmingham “Orange & Blue”
74            Film Makers Co-Op, London “Music Action”
08/74       Brook Green, Hammersmith, London “Airborn Spells, Landborn Smells”
74            Hat Fair, Covent Garden, London “Rasputin'”
09/74       Stadfest, Rottweil, Germany “Schlimm”
09/74       Stadfest, Rottweil, Germany “All that Glitters is not Kunst”
74            Royal College of Art, Kensington, London “Music For Stocking Top”
74            Goldsmith’s College, Lewisham, London “Birth of Liquid Desires”
74            SPACE, London “Happy Daze No. 2”
74            Liverpool Academy of Art “Time Transfixed”
74            Art Meeting Place, London “Filth”
74            Oval House, London “Coum Music”
74            Victoria & Albert Museum, London “Universal Man”
74            Town Hall, Battersea “Marcel Duchamp’s Next Work”
75            New Reform Gallery, Aalst, Belgium “Ommissions”
75            KK Centrum, Antwerp “Ommissions”
75            Stedelijk Academy, Gant “Jusqua la balle Crystal”
03/75       Melkweg, Amsterdam “Couming of Youth”
75            Europa-Tage Gross, Gerau, Germany “Ommissions”
75            Oval House, London “Demise of British Performance Art”
75            Art Meeting Place, London “Bollocks In Thee Breeze”
75            Royal College of Art, Kensington, London “Coumdensation Mucus”
75            Kulturamt, Kiel, Germany “Ommissions”
07/75       Nuffield Festival, Southampton “Studio of Lust”
10/75       Musee d’art Modern, Paris “Jusqua la balle Crystal”
76            Architectural Association, London “Rectum as Inner Space”
76            Galleria Victor Emanuelle, Milan “Towards the Crystal Bowl”
76            Galleria Borgona, Milan “Maid on a bed of Lies”
76            Hackney, London “Chris Coums Home”
18/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
20/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
21/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
22/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
23/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
24/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
25/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
26/10/76  Institute of Contemporary Arts, London “Prostitution”
11/76       Deson Gallery, Chicago “Cease to Exist No. 1”
11/76       NAME Gallery, Chicago “Cease to Exist No. 2 & 3”
11/76       Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Arts “Cease to Exist No.4”
11/76       IDEA Space, Santa Monica “Cease to Exist No.5”
11/76       Stattock Studio, Berkeley “Nazi Love”
12/76       Goldsmith’s College, Lewisham, London “After Cease to Exist”
12/76       Press Gallery, Stuttgart “Reflection”
77            Goldsmith’s College, Lewisham,

(?) = noted but uncertainty with date and/or venue
(*) = band originally booked but did not appear / gig cancelled and/or date moved