(Bristol, Mar 76 – Late 78)






Official Pre-79 Releases;


Fascist Dictator 7″ (Step Forward, SF-1) released Jun 77
Tracks: Fascist dictator, Television families



Defiant Pose 7″ (Step Forward, SF-6) released Dec 77
Tracks: Defiant pose, Independence


True Romances LP (CBS, S CBS-82831) recorded Feb 78, released Sep 78
Tracks: Heartache, I don’t really want to get involved, Ask mr Waverley, Youth club dance, First I look at the purse, Radio rape, Tribe of the city, Have it with you, I trust Valerie singleton, Broken not twisted, Take that like away, Further education, I’ll keep my distance


Heartache 7” (CBS, CBS-6759) released Nov 78
Tracks: Heartache, Ask Mr Waverley


Various Artists – English Waves! LP (RCA Victor, PLWL-1009) released 78
Tracks: Defiant Pose


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Fiesta Club, Plymouth 22-3-77
Tracks: Defiant pose, Fascist dictator, Further education, Gloria, Gonna get mary in the bus shelter, Have it with you, Slow down, Television families, They, Tired of compromise, Tokyo joe, We’re gonna play in the subway today, Have it with you #2

BBC John Peel session recorded 16-7-77
Tracks: Defiant pose, Television families, Having it, Further education

Demo recorded Sep 77, GBH Studios
Tracks: Broken not twisted, Have it, I don’t really want to get involved, Mr Waverley, Tribe of the city, Youth club dance

Demo recorded 77
Tracks: Slow down, I don’t want to compromise, Television families

Demo recorded 9-1-78, Steppin’ Out Studio, CBS
Tracks: Tribe of the city, I don’t really want to get involved, Youth club dance, Ask Mr Waverley, Have it with you, Broken not twisted, First I look at the purse, Further education, Heartache, I trust Valerie singleton, Justice, Radio rape


Further Information;

Line up:

Daniel Swan (drms)
Dexter Dalwood (bass)
Michael Fewings (gtr)
Nick Sheppard (gtr)
Jeremy Valentine (voc/sax)

Nick Sheppard later in The Spics, Dexter Derwood later in Barry Andrews Band
Mike Frewings later in the Colortapes
Jeremy Valentine later in The Glaxo Babies