Cinderella Backstreet

(Cleveland, Ohio 73)
originally called Space Age Thrills, later known as Cinderella’s Revenge (73-75)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Tom Herman’s band

Demo recorded 72
Tracks: Steve Canyon Blues

Cinderella Backstreet

Demos recorded 73
Tracks: White Light White Heat

Live 73
Tracks: Sister Ray, Sweet Jane, Rock and Roll, All Along the Watchtower, Heroin, White Light/White Heat

Cinderella’s Revenge”

Viking Saloon, Cleveland Feb 74
Tracks: I’m so fucked up

Live c75 (Tracks unknown)

Allen Ravenstine

Demo recorded Apr 75
Tracks: Home Life


Further Information;

Line ups;

Tom Herman’s band
Tom Herman (bass/gtr)
Cindy Black (keyb)
Scott Krauss (drms)
Rick Kallister (gtr)

Cinderella Backstreet
72 – 73
Peter Laughner (gtr/voc)
Rick Kalister (gtr)
Albert Dennis (bass)
Scott Krauss (drms)
Cindy Black (keyb)
Darlene (voc)

Cinderella’s Revenge
73 -75
Peter Laughner (gtr/voc)
Eric Ritz (drms)
Susan Schmidt (gtr)
Deborah Smith (bass)

Allen Ravenstine’s band
Apr 75
Allen Ravenstine (keyb)
Albert Dennis (bass)

Cindy Black, Darlene also known as the Leatherettes
Peter Laughner is ex-Mr. Charlie, Mirrors (71-72), Mr. Stress Blues Band (72), later in The Finns, Peter & the Wolves, The Original Wolverines, The Blue Drivers, Rocket From The Tombs, Pere Ubu, later in Friction
Scott Krauss, Albert Dennis, Rick Kallister are ex-Hy Maya
Scott Kraus later in Pere Ubu, Tim Herman later in Peter & the Wolves, Pere Ubu
Susan Schmidt, Deborah Smith are later in Chi-Pig