Cado Belle

(Glasgow, Scotland Oct 74 – 79)
(Pub Rock)






Official Pre-79 Releases:

Margaret Reilly

Imagine Me 7″ (RCA Victor, RCA 2097) released Jun 71
Tracks: Imagine Me, Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Cado Belle

Cado Belle LP (Anchor, ANCL 2015) released 76
Tracks: All Too Familiar, Infamous Mister, Rocked To Stony Silence, I Name This Ship Survival, Paper In The Rain, That Kind Of Fool, Airport Shutdown, Rough Diamonds, Got To Love, Stones Throw From Nowhere


Got To Love 7″ (Anchor, ANC 1033) released Oct 76
Tracks: Got To Love, Paper in the Rain

Stones Throw From Nowhere 7″ (Anchor, ANC 1038) released Feb 77
Tracks: Stones Throw From Nowhere, Airport Shutdown

Airport Shutdown 7″ (Anchor, AN 21005) released 76, USA
Tracks: AIrport Shutdown, Paper in the Rain

Airport Shutdown 7″ promo (Anchor, AN 21005) released 76, USA
Tracks: Airport Shutdown (mono), Airport Shutdown (stereo)

Got To Love 7″ (Anchor, AN 21007) released 76, USA
Tracks: Got To Love. That Kind of Fool

Got To Love 7″ promo (Anchor, AN 21007) released 76, USA
Tracks: Got To Love (mono), Got To Love (stereo)

Various Artists – The Sampler 2xLP (ABC, SP ABC 177) released Jan 77, USA
Tracks: Rocked To Stoney Silence


Cado Belle EP 7″ EP (Anchor, AN 1) released 77
Tracks: It’s Over, September, Play It Once For Me, Gimme Little Sign


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Third Eye Centre, Glasgow 75 (Tracks unknown)

BBC 2 In Concert c76/77
Tracks: This Kind of Fool, Stones Throw from Nowhere, Got To Love, Still Running

BBC Radio 1 In Concert c77
Tracks: Next Big Thing, Ain’t No Doubt, Falling In and Out of Love, September, Still Running

BBC Radio Scotland session c76
Tracks: Infamous Mister, Piece of Sky, Rocked To Stony Silence, That Kind of Fool

BBC Old Grey Whistle Test c77
Tracks: Got To Love, Sneak it in the Back Way

BBC Rock Goes To College c78 (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

Joe Cool
early 70’s
Maggie Reilly (voc)
Stuart MacKillop (keyb)

Cado Belle
Oct 74 – c76
Maggie Reilly (voc)
Alan Darby (gtr)
Gavin Hodgson (bass)
Stuart MacKillop (keyb)
Davy Roy (drms)
Colin Tully (sax/flute)
[Mel Collins]
[Frank Collins]
[Paddie McHugh]

c76 – 78/79
Maggie Reilly (voc)
Stuart MacKillop (keyb)
Jim Mullen (gtr)
Neil Hubbard
Gavin Hodgson (bass)

some members are ex-Up
David Roy later in The Arthur Trout Band (76-80)
Mel Collins, Frank Collins, Paddie McHugh, Jim Mullen, Neil Hubbard are also in Kokomo
Gavin Hodgson later in Staggerlee
Maggie Reilly, Stuart MacKillop later in Riotious Assembly


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
12/12/75 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
12/03/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
15/03/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
04/06/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
31/07/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
13/10/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
22/10/76 Lafayette Club, Wolverhampton
23/10/76 Apollo, Glasgow
05/11/76 76 Club, Burton-on-Trent
06/11/76 Manchester University
11/11/76 Lodestar Hotel, Blackburn
12/11/76 Reeve’s Club, Bristol
13/11/76 Westfield College, London
14/11/76 Nashville Room, Kensington, London
18/11/76 Mr Digby’s, Birkenhead
19/11/76 Lafayette Club, Wolverhampton
20/11/76 Glasgow University
23/11/76 Top Rank, Brighton
25/11/76 King’s College, Strand, London
26/11/76 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
27/11/76 Bradford University
30/11/76 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
01/12/76 Guildford
03/12/76 Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
04/12/76 Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
13/12/76 Boat Club, Nottingham
15/12/76 Hamilton College of Education
17/12/76 Paisley Technical College
18/12/76 Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline
16/01/77 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
25/01/77 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
11/04/77 Tiffany’s, Edinburgh
07/05/77 Electric Circus, Manchester
24/05/77 Garden, Penzance
25/05/77 Woods, Drake Circus, Plymouth
25/05/77 Woods, Drake Circus, Plymouth
27/05/77 Aston University, Birmingham
01/06/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
04/06/77 Bath University
29/07/77 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
16/09/77 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
17/09/77 Barbarella’s, Birmingham
21/10/77 Edinburgh University
22/10/77 Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline
23/10/77 Apollo, Glasgow
17/11/77 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
26/11/77 Birmingham University
30/11/77 Bradford University
08/12/77 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
10/12/77 Hamilton Technical College
12/12/77 Tiffany’s, Edinburgh
15/12/77 Dundee College of Education
21/01/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
22/01/78 Top Rank, Sheffield
24/01/78 Tiffany’s, Glasgow
03/02/78 Maidstone Technical College
04/02/78 Upstairs at Ronnie’s, Soho, London
09/02/78 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
10/02/78 Central London Polytechnic
17/02/78 Sheffield University
18/02/78 Newcastle University, Ballroom
10/03/78 Westfield College, Hampstead, London
11/03/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
16/04/78 Nashville Room, Kensington, London
29/04/78 Rock Contest, Glasgow
17/06/78 Nashville Room, Kensington, London
23/06/78 Dundee College of Technology
30/06/78 Dundee College of Technology
07/10/78 Music Machine, Camden High St, London
25/10/78 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
29/10/78 Samantha’s, Dundee
09/11/78 Dingwalls, Camden Lock, London
11/11/78 Nashville Room, Kensington, London
15/11/78 Nashville Room, Kensington, London