(Hull, East Yorkshire 77 – 79)
also known as The Monitors


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Geoff Appleby


Make me take me 7″ (Virgin, VS-150) released Jun 76
Tracks: Make me take me, Live wire


Hey Sadie 7″ (Virgin, VS-157) released Aug 78
Tracks: Hey Sadie, Move on down the road



The rock roller coaster 7″ (Pinball, 6.12086 AC) released Dec 77, Germany
Tracks: Rock roller coaster / Come back baby



Mony Mony 7″ (Pinball, 6.12238 AC) released Jan 78, Germany
Tracks: Mony mony, Tell me where you have bin


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line up:

Geoff Appleby Band #1
Geoff Appleby (voc)
Roy Neave (gtr)
Danny Wood (keyb/gtr)
Glen Petty (drms)

Geoff Appleby (voc)
Roy Neave (gtr)
Danny Wood (keyb/gtr)
Trevor Bolder (bass)
Tony Braunagel (drms)

Buzz / Monitors
77 – 78
Dave Morell (drms)
Keith Cheeseman (gtr)
Roy Neave (keyb)
Geoff Appleby (voc/bass)

Dave Morrell & Roy Neave later in the Maxwells
Keith Cheeseman is ex-Mick Ronson Band
Keith Cheeseman & Geoff Appleby are ex-Rats (66-70) also in Screen Idols
Geoff Appleby is ex-UFOs (63), Yorkies (63-66), Jackal (74), Ian Hunter Band (75)
Glen Petty is ex-UPOs


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
14/12/77 Hull
11/09/78 Limit Club, Sheffield