Brewers Droop

(High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 70 – 74)
Pub Rock, later known as Droop


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Opening Time LP (RCA Victor, SF-8301) released 72
Tracks: House party, I can see your public bar, The way i feel, Let’s watch TV, Why, Opening time, Droopin’, After hours waltz, Hey roulette, Heart of stone, If you see kay tonight

Sweet Thing 7″ (RCA, RCA-2216) released May 72
Tracks: Sweet thing, Heart of stone, It ain’t the meat it’s the motion

Louise 7″ (RCA, RCA-2411) released Sep 73
Tracks: Louise, Caught us doing it


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 73/74 for unreleased LP ‘Booze Brothers’
Tracks: Where are you tonight, Roller Coaster, You make me feel so good, My Old lady, Sugar baby, Rock steady woman, Louise, What’s the time, Midnight special, Dreaming


Further Information;

Line ups:

c70 – 72                                      c72/73
Ron Watts (voc/perc)                 Ron Watts (voc/perc)
Steve Darrington (keyb)             Steve Darrington (keyb)
John McKay (gtr)                        John McKay (gtr)
Malcolm Barrett (bass)               Rob Walker (drms)
Rob Walker (drms)                     Steve Norchy (bass)
.                                                  Alimony Slim (voc)
.                                                  Gerry Hogan (gtr)
.                                                  Derrick Timms (bass)
.                                                  David Withers (drms)
.                                                  Mark Knopfler (gtr)
.                                                  Dave Edmunds (gtr)

Steve Darrington later in Joe Stead.  Gerry Hogan is ex-Bees Make Honey, later in Dave Edmund‘s band
David Withers is ex-Primatives (65), Spring. later with Dave Edmunds
David Withers and Mark Knopfler later in Dire Straits