Brewers Droop

(High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 70 – 77)
Pub Rock, later known as Droop







Official Pre-79 Releases;


Opening Time LP (RCA Victor, SF-8301) released 72
Tracks: House party, I can see your public bar, The way i feel, Let’s watch TV, Why, Opening time, Droopin’, After hours waltz, Hey roulette, Heart of stone, If you see kay tonight



Sweet Thing 7″ (RCA, RCA-2216) released May 72
Tracks: Sweet thing, Heart of stone, It ain’t the meat it’s the motion



Louise 7″ (RCA, RCA-2411) released Sep 73
Tracks: Louise, Caught us doing it


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 73/74 for unreleased LP ‘Booze Brothers’
Tracks: Where are you tonight, Roller Coaster, You make me feel so good, My Old lady, Sugar baby, Rock steady woman, Louise, What’s the time, Midnight special, Dreaming


Further Information;

Line ups:

c70 – 72
Ron Watts (voc/perc)
Steve Darrington (keyb)
John McKay (gtr)
Malcolm Barrett (bass)
Rob Walker (drms)

Ron Watts (voc/perc)
Steve Darrington (keyb)
John McKay (gtr)
Rob Walker (drms)
Steve Norchy (bass)
Alimony Slim (voc)
Gerry Hogan (gtr)
Derrick Timms (bass)
David Withers (drms)
Mark Knopfler (gtr)
Dave Edmunds (gtr)

Rob Walker, Steve Darrington later in Shucks (74-76)
Steve Darrington later in Joe Stead.  Gerry Hogan is ex-Bees Make Honey, later in Dave Edmund‘s band
David Withers is ex-Primatives (65), Spring. later with Dave Edmunds
David Withers and Mark Knopfler later in Dire Straits


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
16/01/71 Village Roundhouse, Dagenham
29/01/71 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
30/01/71 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry (?)
04/02/71 Town Hall, High Wycombe (*)
20/02/71 University of East Anglia, Norwich
26/02/71 Spiders, Tottenham, London
27/02/71 Temple Club, Wardour Street, London (*)
27/02/71 Slough College
07/03/71 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
02/04/71 Blues Loft, High Wycombe
04/04/71 Crown, Station Street, Birmingham
11/04/71 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London
26/04/71 Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
09/07/71 Blues Loft, High Wycombe
13/08/71 Pitchcroft Racecourse, Worcester
15/08/71 Cannon Hill Arts Centre, Coventry
10/09/71 Pavilion Gardens, Buxton
11/09/71 Highbury Park, Kings Heath, Birmingham
25/09/71 Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke
28/09/71 Crown, Station Street, Birmingham
29/10/71 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
13/11/71 University College, London
23/11/71 Crown, Station Street, Birmingham
23/11/71 Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline
28/12/71 Crown, Station Street, Birmingham
12/01/72 Big Brother Tavern, Greenford
21/01/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
01/02/72 University of Essex, Colchester
13/03/72 Civic Hall, Chelmsford
24/03/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
04/04/72 Crown, Station Street, Birmingham
05/05/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
20/05/72 Clarences, Halifax
28/05/72 Great Western Express Fesitival, Lincoln
30/06/72 Lyceum, Strand, London
28/07/72 JB’s Club, Dudley
29/07/72 Spa Pavilion, Bridlington
04/08/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
11/08/72 Clarences, Halifax
12/08/72 Reading Festival
19/08/72 Bilzen Festival, Liege
22/09/72 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
23/09/72 Windsor Arts Festival, Home Park (*)
20/10/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
22/11/72 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
09/06/73 Clarences, Halifax
22/06/73 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
21/07/73 Booth Farm, Buxton
03/08/73 JB’s Club, Dudley
26/08/73 County Showground, Kendal
30/08/73 Granary, Bristol
02/10/73 Hatchetts, London
04/11/73 New Windmill Hall, Upminster
07/11/73 Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London
07/02/74 Clarences, Halifax
12/02/74 Clarences, Halifax
03/08/74 Festivalweide, Aalter, Belgium
28/09/74 Clarences, Halifax
13/02/75 Birmingham College of Food & Technology
14/02/75 High Wycombe Technical College
15/02/75 Bognor College
18/02/76 High Wycombe Technical College
02/06/77 Nag’s Head, High Wycombe
(?) = noted but uncertainty with date and/or venue or whether band played
(*) = band did not play (gig cancelled and/or date moved)