Bram Tchaikovsky

(London Jun 78 – 81)
initally also known as Battleaxe / Bram Tchaikovsky’s Battleaxe


Official Pre-79 Releases;


Gowing Up 7″ (United Artists) released 76
Tracks: Growing Up

Bram Tchaikovsky


Sarah Smiles 7″ (Criminal, SWAG-3 / BRAM-1) released Oct 78, *on 12″ (D SWAG-3) only
Tracks: Sarah smiles, Turn on the light, Bloodline*


Girl of my Dreams 2×7″ (Radar, ADA-28 / BRAM-2) recorded late 78, released Feb 79
Tracks: Girl of my dreams, Come back, Robber, Whiskey & wine


Girl of my Dreams 7″ (Radar, ADA-28) recorded late 78, released Feb 79
Tracks: Girl of my dreams, Come back


Strange Man Changed Man LP (Radar, RAD-17) recorded Nov 78 – Jan 79, released 79
Tracks: Robber, Strange Man, Changed Man, Lonely Dancer, I’m The One That’s Leaving, Girl Of My Dreams, Bloodline, Nobody KnowsM Lady From The USA, I’m A Believer, Sarah Smiles, Turn On The Light


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

All Time Heroes

Demos recorded 76 (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

All Time Heroes / Roper / Heroes
76 – 77
Bram Tchaikovsky (gtr/voc)
James Roper (bass)
Majo (keyb)
Keith Line (drms)

Battleaxe / Bram Tchaikovsky #1
Jun 78 – 79
Bram Tchaikovsky (gtr/voc)
Mickey Broadbent (b/keyb)
Keith Boyce (drms)
[Nick Garvey]

79 – 81
Bram Tchaikovsky (gtr/voc)
Keith Line (drms)
Mickey Broadbent (b/keyb)
Dennis Forbes (gtr)
Bob Andrews (keyb)

Bram Tchaikovsky (Peter Bramall) is ex-Motors
Nick Garvey also in The Motors
Dennis Forbes is ex-Pretty Boy Floyd
Keith Boyce is ex-Heavy Metal Kids
Bob Andrews is ex-Graham Parker, Keith Line also with Softies
[Bram Tchaikovsky, James Roper possibly also ex-Oo Bang Jiggly Jang (71)? (writers)]