Brainiac 5

(Penzance, Cornwall 75- 79)
also known as Matt Vinyl & the Undercoats and Roadmaster






Official Pre-79 Releases;


Various Artists – Double Booked LP (W4, W4-001) released Oct 77
Tracks:  Marilyn munroe, Natty punko



Mushy Doubt EP 7” (Roach, RR-5001) released May 78
Tracks: (I was a) vegetable, Endless river, Move up Trotsky, Waiting for the woman


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Numerous demos recorded


Further Information;

Line ups;

Charlie Taylor (gtr/voc)
Bert Biscoe (voc/gtr)
John Wood (bass/harm)
Steve Hudson (drms)

Charlie Taylor (gtr/voc)
Bert Biscoe (voc/gtr)
John Wood (bass/harm)
Steve Hudson (drms)
Richard Booth (gtr)
Duncan Kerr (keyb)

Charlie Taylor is ex-Half Human Band (Oxford)
Bert Biscoe is ex-Boss Band and later in Oven Ready Angels, Lipservice/Metro Glider (80) and The Urge
Richard Booth & Duncan Kerr are ex-Plummet Airlines
Richard Booth is also ex-The Waste Band, and Donovan’s Brain
Bert Biscoe, Woody Hudson & Steve Hudson are ex-Trial By Error


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
07/07/77 Woods, Drake Circus, Plymouth (Matt Vinyl & the Undercoats)
26/07/77 Garden, Penzance
25/10/77 Garden, Penzance
12/08/78 Polgooth Fayre, St Austell
18/08/78 Eastern Green, Penzance
15/09/78 Wilsey Down Hotel, Hallworthy
14/12/78 Old Market House, Crediton