Blitzkrieg Bop

(Middlesbrough Yorkshire, UK May 77 – Feb 79)
originally called Adamanta Chubb, also known as Frank Blank & the Planks







Official Pre-79 Releases;


Let’s Go 7” (Mortonsound, MTN-3172-3) released Jul 77
Tracks: Let’s Go, 9 til 5, Bugger Off



Let’s Go 7” (Lightning, GIL-504) released Dec 77
Tracks: Let’s Go, Life is just a so so, Mental case



(You’re just like a) UFO 7” (Lightning, GIL-543) released Aug 78
Tracks: (You’re just like a) UFO, Viva Bobby joe


Scum 78 (Version 1) cassette-LP (Smellytapes) released Aug 78
Tracks: UFO, Dole walla (demo, Nov 77), Future shock (demo, Jul 78), Streetcorners (demo, Nov 77), Mental case, Let’s go, 9 till 5, West side story (demo, Jul 78), Life is just so so, Gloria (demo, Nov 77), Bugger off, Viva bobby joe (mix 1)


Other Pre-79 Recordings;


Northallerton Community Centre late 76 (Tracks unknown)

Frank Blank & the Planks

Demo / rehearsal recorded 20-2-77
Tracks: Destroy, Bugger off, Bugger off #2, Bugger off #3, Ode to me, I wanna change the world, Now I wanna sniff some glue, So it goes, So it goes #2, So it goes #3, Destroy / bugger off, I wanna change the world #2

Adamanta Chubb

Speedway, Middlesbrough 3-4-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 10-4-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 1-5-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 77
Tracks: Child in time

Blitzkrieg Bop

Speedway, Middlesbrough 8-5-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 15-5-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 29-5-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 5-6-77 (Tracks unknown)

Speedway, Middlesbrough 12-6-77 (Tracks unknown)

Bowes Wine Cellar, Darlington 9-7-77
Tracks: Gloria

Demo recorded Sep 77
Tracks: Roxette, UFO

Town Hall, Middlesbrough 25-9-77
Tracks: 1977, Happy Crash, Let’s go, One chord wonders

Demo recorded Nov 77
Tracks: Dole walla, Streetcorners, Gloria

Bowes Wine Cellar, Darlington 10-12-77
Tracks: Police state

Hope & Anchor, London 77
Tracks: Happy Crash

BBC session recorded Feb 78
Tracks: UFO, Viva bobby joe

Unreleased 7” recorded Jul 78
Tracks: Future shock, West side story, Radio

Demo recorded Aug 78
Tracks: Viva Bobby Joe

Rock Garden, Middlesbrough unreleased Various Artists Live LP recorded 31-8-78
Tracks: Radio, Bugger off, Futire shock, Get out of my way, No emotions

Live 78 (Venue unknown)
Tracks: Mordors, Slave labour


Further Information;

Line ups;

Adamanta Chubb #1           #2                                         #3
74                                        Oct – Nov 74                         Nov 74 – 75
Alan Cornforth (drms)         Alan Cornforth (drms)          Alan Cornforth (drms)
Kevin McMaster (voc/gtr)    Kevin McMaster (voc/gtr)     Kevin McMaster (voc/gtr)
Stephen Sharratt (gtr)         Stephen Sharratt (gtr)          Stephen Sharratt (gtr)
Mike McDonald (bass)        Damien Blackwell (bass)     Damien Blackwell (bass)
.                                                                                        John Hodgson (keyb)

#4                                        #5                                          #6
– Oct 75                               Oct – Nov 75                        Nov – Dec 75
Alan Cornforth (drms)         Alan Cornforth (drms)          Alan Cornforth (drms)
John Hodgson (keyb)          John Hodgson (keyb/bass)  John Hodgson (keyb/bass)
Damien Blackwell (bass)    Damien Blackwell (gtr)        Damien Blackwell (gtr)
Kevin McMaster (voc/gtr)                                                 Jackie Bradley (voc)

#7                                        #7a                                       Contrast / Erection
Jan – May 76                       May 76 – Jan 77                   May 76 – Feb 77
Alan Cornforth (drms)         Damien Blackwell (gtr)        John Hodgson (keyb/voc)
John Hodgson (keyb)          Mick Hylton (bass)               Michael Charlton (gtr)
Damien Blackwell (gtr)       Laurence Crallan (drms)      Eddie Hall (bass)
Brian Roberts (bass)                                                       Ray Radford (gtr)
Brian Day (voc)                                                                Steve Brown (sax)
.                                                                                        Dee Dee Paterson (voc)
.                                                                                        Jed Duffy (drms)
.                                                                                        Yusef Nimar (congo)
.                                                                                        Dave Hughes (voc)

Adamanta Chubb #8            #9                                        Blitzkrieg Bop #1
Feb – Mar 77                        Mar – May 77                       May – Jun 77
Damien Blackwell (gtr)        Damien Blackwell (gtr)        Damien Blackwell (gtr)
Mick Hylton (bass)               Mick Hylton (bass)               John Hodgson (keyb/voc)
Alan Lawrence (drms)         John Hodgson (keyb/voc)   Ann Hodgson (gtr)
John Hodgson (keyb/voc)    Alan Cornforth (drms)         Alan Cornforth (drms)
.                                            Colin Bilton (voc)                 Mick Hylton (bass)
.                                                                                        Michael Charlton (gtr)

#2                                         #3                                        #4
Jun – Oct 77                        Oct 77 – May 78                  May – Sep 78
Mick Hylton (bass)               Mick Hylton (bass)               Mick Hylton (bass)
Alan Cornforth (drms)         John Hodgson (keyb/voc)    John Hodgson (keyb/voc)
John Hodgson (keyb/voc)    Alan Cornforth (drms)         Alan Cornforth (drms)
Ann Hodgson (gtr)               Ray Radford (gtr)                Micky Dunn (gtr)

Sep 78 – Feb 79
Pete Collins (drms)
Alan Cornforth (drms)
Micky Dunn (gtr)
Graham Moses (bass)
John Hodgson (keyb/voc)

John Hodgson is ex-Purity (66-74), also in ProtexBleak Future, Eater and later in Basssax
Mick Hylton is ex-Holocaust
Michael Charlton is also ex-Purity
Colin Bilton & Jed Duffy are ex-Government, Colin also ex-Harvest
Damein Blackwell later in Hitler Brothers, Killer, Nicky Beat & the Beatniks
Ann Hodgson later in Slaves
Mickey Dunn is ex-Lice, later in Beat
Alan Cornforth is also in Rampant Nasties (july 78), Amazing Space Frogs
Pete Collins is also in No Way
Graham Moses is ex-Lice, Post Mortem and also later in No way