(Manchester autumn 78 – Aug 79)


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(unknown band)
78 – early 79
Keith Harroway (drms)
Pete (sax)
Matt Howes

Bitch #1
autumn – late 78
Charley Green (voc)
Gary Gowen (bass)
Glenn Jones (gtr)
Martin Smith (drms)
Gary Callender (gtr)

early 79 – Aug 79
Charley Green (voc)
Gary Gowen (bass)
Jules Standen (gtr)
Keith Harroway (drms)
Pete (sax)

Gary Callender also in the Drones
Glenn Jones & Martin Smith later in Skrewdriver
Charley Green is ex-Sick Things, later in Chatterbox (Sweden)

Thanks to Brett Tobias for additional information


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
05/08/78 AJ’s Club, Lincoln
22/08/78 Sandpiper, Nottingham
26/08/78 AJ’s Club, Lincoln
10/11/78 Mayflower Club, Manchester
20/12/78 Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London