Berkeley Women’s Music Collective

(Berkeley, California, USA 73 – 79)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Berkeley Women’s Music Collective LP (Windbag, HA 81-81) released 76
Tracks: The Bloods, Take the Time, Fury, No Thanks Mister, We’re Hip, San Francisco Bank Song, Janet’s Song, Mercy Me I’m Lonely Tonight, Gay & Proud

Various Artists – Lesbian Concentrate A Lesbianthology Of Songs And Poems LP (Olivia, LF915) released 77
Tracks: Gay and Proud

Tryin’ To Survive LP (Windbag, HO 815) released 78
Tracks: Nicole, Seawomon, Thorazine, Takes More Than Time, Tryin’ To Survive, California, Back To Boston, Class Mobility, Darling Companion, People

People 7″ (Windbag, HO 816) released 78
Tracks: People, Tryin’ To Survive


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

Berkeley Women’s Music Collective
Debbie Lempke (drms)
Jake Lampert (drms)
Nancy Henderson
Nancy Vogl (gtr/bass)
Susan Shanbaum (gtr/bass)
Nikki Sachs (Flute)
Bonnie Lockhart (keyb)

Jake Lampert later in BeBe K’Roche
Bonnie Lockhart is ex-Red Star Singers