(Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK Aug 78 – early 82)
Originally called Basssax





Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Rock Garden, Middlesbrough 31-8-78, unreleased Various Artists Live LP
Tracks: Influence invasion, Holywood strut

Demos/rehearsals recorded mid – late 78
Tracks: Karleearn Photography


Further Information;

Line ups;

Aug 78
Allan Taylor (keyb)
Jane (drms)
John Masterman (sax)
Ann Anonymous (voc)
Mick Todd (bass)
Michael Curtis (perc)

Basczax #1
Aug – late 78
Ann Anonymous (voc)
Mick Todd (bass)
Michael Curtis (drms)
Nigel Trenchard (keyb)

late 78
Alan Savage (gtr/voc)
Mick Todd (bass)
Michael Curtis (drms)
Nigel Trenchard (keyb)
Geoff Fogerty (sax)

late 78
Alan Savage (gtr/voc)
Geoff Fogerty (sax)
Alan Comforth (drms)
Mick Todd (bass)
John Hodgson (voc/keyb)

80 – early 82
Ian Ingram (voc)
Rob Fawcett (bass)
Alan Savage (gtr/voc)
Geoff Fogerty (sax)
Doug Palfreeman (drms)
Martyn Alderdice

Mick Todd is ex-Protex
Ann Anonymous is ex-Bladze
Michael Curtis is later in Kabuki Theatre
Alan Comforth, Geoff Fogerty & Alan Savage also in Amazing Space Frogs
Alan Comforth & John Hogdson are ex-Blitzkrieg Bop
Ian Ingram is ex-Savage Passion (79-80)
Doug Palfreeman is ex-Sines, Deja-Vu, later in Golly & the Wogs
Rob Fawcett is ex-Sines
Martyn Alderdice is ex-Deja-Vu, also in Makaton Chat, later in Golly & the Wogs
Alan Cornforth is later in Chaos
John Hodgson is later in Makaton Chat, Golly & the Wogs
Geoff Fogerty is ex-Monitor, Original Sin
Alan Savage is ex-Sheridan & Dean (76-77), Speed Machine, Original Sin, Tarragon (nov 78)


Gigography (up to end 78, Incomplete)
05/08/78 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough (1st gig)
12/08/78 Eric’s, Liverpool
31/08/78 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough
29/12/78 Rock Garden, Middlesbrough