(Melbourne, Victoria Dec 76 – 77)
originally called Fallen Angels, Antennae & the TV Kids


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Dowanna Love 7″ (MA 7191) released Oct 77
Tracks: Dowanna Love, Hate, Nobody Wants Me


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

Fallen Angels
74/75 – Dec 76
Gavin Quinn (voc/drms)
Julie Jordan (bass)
Jarryl Wirth (gtr)

Antennae & the TV Kids
Bruce Milne (bass)
Gavin Quinn (drms)
Jarryl Wirth (gtr)
Graeme Pitt (gtr)

Dec 76 – Dec 77
Gavin Quinn (voc/drms)
Julie Jordan (bass)
Jarryl Wirth (gtr)
Alan (drms)
Lenny (drms)
Ian Forrest (drms)
Greg Pirhana (drms)
Paul Makeshift (drms)
Henry Vyhnal (violin)

Gavin Quinn, Jarryl Wirth, Julie Jordan are later in The News
Graeme Pitt later in The Obsessions, Gavin Quinn also in Noisy Boys
Henry Vyhnal, ex-Pelaco Bros, ex-Millionaires