(Vancouver, Canada Dec 77 – 81)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Tim Ray

Space Race 7″ (Label Label) released Nov 77
Tracks: Space Race, Time Waves


AV EP 7″ (Quintessence, QET 001) recorded Aug 78, released Oct 78
Tracks: Dying In Brooklyn, Cliché, Little Old Man, Ali Sane

Tim Ray & AV

Various Artists – Vancouver Complication LP (Pinned, PIN 79330001) recorded 78, released 79
Tracks: 1/4 To 8, Dying in Brooklyn


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                       #2                                          #3
Dec 77                                May 78                                  Aug 78
Tim Ray (voc/gtr)               Tim Ray (voc/gtr)                 Tim Ray (voc/gtr)
Bill Napier-Hemy (gtr/voc)  Bill Napier-Hemy (gtr/voc)    Bill Napier-Hemy (gtr/bass/voc)
Brock Smith (drms)            Colin Griffiths (drms/keyb)   Colin Griffiths (drms/keyb)
Randy Wright (bass)          Randy Wright (bass)

#4                                        #5
Oct 78 –                               79 – 80
Tim Ray (voc/gtr)                Tim Ray (voc/gtr)
Martin Brown (bass)           Martin Brown (bass)
Ronnie Cargill (drms)         Ronnie Cargill (drms)
Gord Nicholl (keyb)             Reed Eurchuk (keyb)
Bob Coulter (gtr)                 Alex Varty (gtr)

Colin Griffiths later in UJ3RK5, False Hopes. Randy Wright later in Exxotone.  Reed Eurchuk is ex-Exxotone
Bill Napier-Hemy, Colin Griffiths later in Pointed Sticks
Randy Wright later in The Generators