Art & Language

(New York/London, 69 – 77)


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Music-Language: Corrected Slogans LP (Art & Language Foundation) released 76
Tracks: Maharashtra, Keep All Your Friends, Imagination I & II, Coleridge Vs Martineau, Exemplification, Postscript To SDS’ Infiltration, War Dance I & II, An Harangue, Ergastulum, The Mistakes Of Trotsky… Thesmophoriazusae, Louis Napoleon, Seven Compartments, Petrichenko, Don’t Talk To Sociologists…, What Are The Inexpensive Things The Panel Most Enjoys ?… An International, History, It’s An Illusion, Penny Capitalists, Plekhanov, Natura Facit Saltus


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Line ups:

Jesse Chamberlain (drms)
Terry Atkinson (until 74)
David Bainbridge
Michael Baldwin
Harrold Hurrell
Charles Harrison
Mel Ramsden (until 77)
Mayo Thompson
Ian Burn (until 77)
Karl Beveridge (until 75)
Carol Condé (until 75)

Jesse Chamberlain, Mayo Thompson also in Red Crayola