(Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA 69 – )
originally called Dog Breath Blues Band


Official Pre-79 Releases;

An Estimation 7″ (Crescent City, CCSS 1091) recorded Jan 70, released 70
Tracks: An Estimation, Black Death

Give Us A Break LP (Sugarbush, SBS-103) released 73
Tracks: Not Unusual, Searchin’, To See Her Smile, Our Love Will Last, Ma And Pa, Why Do You Love Me, A Foreshadowing, I Can See It In Your Eyes, Pirates Princes And Kings, Congratulations

Prolepsis LP (Sugarbush, SBS 112) released 75
Tracks: Six Wings, Bad Girl, Barely Alive, Sun Sweet, North End Of Town, We Live To Play, Slaughtered Elves, Can’t Buy A Song, Sunday Feeling, People Aren’t Free, Cost Of Money, My Final Song

Rumors LP (Vanguard, VSD 79369) released 76
Tracks: We Live To Play, Sunday Feeling, Final Nickel, Two Good Legs, Dying To Know, Open Window, Why Do You Love Me, Lady Luck And Luxury, Pitchin’ Woo, I Doubt It, It’s Sad (But You Can’t Really Hear Me At All)

Open Window 7″ (Vanguard, VRS 35193) released 76
Tracks: Open Window (mono), Open Window (stereo)

Final Nickel 7″ (Vanguard, VSD 35196) released 76
Tracks: Final Nickel (stereo), Final Nickel (stereo)


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded Jan 74
Tracks: Race with the Devil

Demos recorded spring 75 Reflection Studios
Tracks: Open Window, Final Nickel


Further Information;

Line ups:

Mike Greer
Robert Kirkland (gtr)
Don Dixon (gtr/bass)
Jimy Glasgow (drms)

Robert Kirkland (gtr)
Don Dixon (gtr/bass)
Marty Stout (keyb)
Ogie Shaw (perc)

Robert Kirkland (gtr)
Don Dixon (gtr/bass)
Marty Stout (keyb)
Steve Herbert (drms)

Robert Kirkland (gtr)
Don Dixon (gtr/bass)
Marty Stout (keyb)
Scott Davidson (drms)

Robert Kirkland (gtr)
Don Dixon (gtr/bass)
Marty Stout (keyb)
Scott Davidson (drms)
Rod Abernethy (gtr)

Mike Greer is ex-Captain Speed & the Funji Electric Mothers, also solo
Don Dixon is also in Mike Greer’s band, Rod Abernethy’s band
Rod Abernethy is also solo
Marty Stout, Robert Kirkland are also in Mike Greer’s band
Robert Kirkland is also in Sneakers
Scott Davidson is also in Rod Abernethy’s band