Anti Social

(Birmingham, West Midlands 77 – late 78)
originally called Maniac (75-76)





Official Pre-79 Releases;

Traffic Lights 7” (Dynamite, DR-01) released Dec 77
Tracks: Traffic Lights, Teacher Teacher


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 78/80?
Tracks: Sunarise


Further Information;

Line ups;

Matthew Smith (bass)
Jon Buxton (gtr/voc)
Hob (keyb)
Dave Brooks (gtr/voc)

Maniac/Anti Social #1
75 – 77
Bob Allcock (voc/gtr)
John Harris (drms)
Matthew Smith (bass/voc)
(Pete Lynch (drms))

Bob Allcock (voc/gtr)
John Harris (drms)
Gabrielle Fern (bass)
(Pete Lynch (drms))

77 – 78
Bob Allcock (voc/gtr)
John Harris (drms)
Paul Cooper (bass)
(Pete Lynch (drms))

Matthew Smith is later in The Play things
Bob Allcock is ex-Daisy May (72). Jon Buxton later in Misspent Youth


Gigography (up to end 78, incomplete)
12/77      Town Hall, Birmingham (cancelled)
17/12/77 Electric Circus, Manchester (cancelled)