Andy Cameron

(Glasgow, Scotland 75 – present)
Pub Rock


Official Pre-79 Releases;


Greatest Team Of All 7” (Moonbeam, MBR-130) released 75
Tracks: Rangers song, Things



Ally’s tartan army 7” (Klub, KLUB-03) recorded Dec 77, released Feb 78
Tracks: Ally’s tartan army, I want to be a punk rocker


We’ll be there over there 7” (Klub, KLUB-06) released Apr 78
Tracks: We’ll be there over there, Don’t cry for us Argentina

Andy’s Tartam Army LP (Klub, KLP-05) released 78
Tracks: We’ll be over there, Cameron’s capers, Football ref, Cameron’s capers #2, We shall not be moved, Cameron’s capers #3, All & Kenny & danny, Cameron’s capers #4, Scotland, Cameron’s capers #5, Que sera, Cameron’s capers #6, Ally’s tartan army


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

New Faces TV Show 75 (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line up:

Andy Cameron (voc/gtr)