(Belfast, Northern Ireland Sep 77 – 79)





Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Downtown Radio session recorded summer 78
Tracks: 9 to 5, Lipstick heroes, Suggestions, Terminal breakout, Untitled

Demo recorded late 78 Good Vibrations records, Wizard studio
Tracks: Bondage in Belfast, News of the world

Harp Bar, Belfast 78/79 (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

“unnamed band”
Joe Moody (voc)
Aza Middleton (bass)
Keith McVeigh
Seamus Cassidy

Androids #1
Sep 77 – Jun 78
Joe Moody (voc)
Aza Middleton (bass)
Steve Rainey (gtr)
Billy McLlwaine (drms)

Jun 78 – summer 79
Steve Rainey (gtr)
Billy McLlwaine (drms)
Jim Megarry (voc)
Robin Holmes (bass)
Jeremy Nicholl (gtr)

Joe Moody & Aza Middleton later joined Emergency then Victim
Joe Moody, Aza Middleton & Keith McVeigh are ex-Zone Ends
Jim Megarry is ex-Chaos
Billy McLlwaine, Jim Megarry & Robin Holmes later in Urban Bitch (80)
Keith McVeigh later in Sample & Hold
Robin Holmes is ex-Chaos and Ask Mother


Gigography (up to end 78, incomplete)
10/02/78 Arts Council, Bedford Street, Belfast (1st gig)
21/03/78 Glenmachen Stables, Belfast
21/04/78 Harp Bar, Belfast
06/78      Unit One Club, Uxbridge
24/10/78 Art & Research Exchange, 22 Lombard St, Belfast
25/10/78 Art & Research Exchange, 22 Lombard St, Belfast
26/10/78 Art & Research Exchange, 22 Lombard St, Belfast