Alex Chilton

(Memphis, Tennessee 75 – 10)
also gigged as Alex Chilton & the Cossacks


Official Pre-79 Releases:

Alex Chilton

Singer Not the Song 7″ EP (Ork, 81978) released 77
Tracks: Free Again, The Singer Not The Song, Take Me Home & Make Me Like It, All The Time, Summertime Blues

One Day In New York LP (Trio, AW-2007) recorded 77, *recorded CBGB’s 77, released 78
Tracks: Free Again, The Singer Not The Song, Take Me Home & Make Me Like It, All The Time, Summertime Blues, Holocaust*, In The Street*, Take Me Home & Make Me Like It*, A Little Fishy*, Baby Beside Me*, More*

Bangkok 7″ (Fun, XX-1250) recorded Oct – Dec 77, released 78
Tracks: Bangkok, Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

Tommy Hoehn

Spacebreak LP (Power Play, HLPP-5051) released 77
Tracks: Hey Polarity, Losing You To Sleep, The Heat, She Might Look My Way, Blow Yourself Up, I Know I Love You Now, Mean Nancy, Fight You (Anytime)

Blow Yourself Up 7″ (Power Play, PP 1954) recorded Dec 76, released 77
Tracks: Blow yourself up, Love you

Losing you to sleep 7″ (London, 5N-271-DJ) released 78
Tracks: Losing you to sleep (mono), Losing you to sleep (stereo)

David Beaver

Combinations LP (TMI, BTL1-0118) released 73
Tracks: I’m Gonna Show You, Don’t Give Up, Come Hear It, Anthony Beechum, Here It Comes, Combinations, Another Bad Year?, Anastasia, Please Stand By, I’ve Had Some Time, The Wizard At Menlo Park, Get The Phone, It’s Gonna Take Time, 42nd All-Star Review, Halfway, I Wouldn’t Bet On You

It’s gonna take time 7″ (TMI, BTBO-0011) released 73
Tracks: It’s gonna take time, Get the phone


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 69/70 Ardent Studios, Memphis
Tracks: Free Again, Come on Honey, I can dig it, Just to see you, Something Deep Inside, All I Really Want Is Money, I Wish I Could Meet Elvis, The Happy Song, Every Day As We Grow Closer, The EMI Song (Smile For Me), Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Funky National, Sugar Sugar/I Got The Feelin’ (Heavy Medley), All we ever got from them was pain

Demos recorded Sep – Oct 75, Ardent Studios, Memphis
Tracks: Take Me Home And Make Me Like It, Everytime I Close My Eyes, All Of The Time, Oh Baby I’m Free, I’m So Tired – Part One And Two, Jesus Christ, Singer Not The Song, Summertime Blues, Take Me Home Again – Part One And Two, Walking Dead, Take me home and make me like it (vers #3)

Max’s Kansas City, New York Mar 77
Tracks: All the Time, My Rival, Can’t Seem to Make You Mine, Way Out West, September Gurls, Shakin’ the World, Night Time, The Letter, Windows Hotel, Back of a Car

Ocean Club, New York 19-4-77 or 78?
Tracks: When my baby’s beside me, All the time, Don’t believe in miracles, She might look my way, My rival, Take me home and make me like it, September gurls, In the street, Can’t seem to make you mine, The summer sun, The letter, A little fishy, Shakin’ the world, Government centre, I’m dyin’ to see you

CBGB’s, New York 4-5-77
Tracks: Shaking the world, The letter, September gurls, All of the time, When my baby’s beside me, Take me home and make me like it, Little fishy, Can’t seem to make you mine, Wouldn’t it be nice, My rival

CBGB’s, New York 21-5-77 (Tracks unknown)

CBGB’s, New York 13-9-77
Tracks: Take me home and make me like it, O my soul, Bangkok, Contact high, My rival, Night time, Back of a car, All the time, A little fishy, September gurls, Holocaust, Summer sun, The letter, Wouldn’t it be nice, Do you wanna dance

Hot Club, Philadelphia 13-12-77 Set #1
Tracks: The letter, Criminal type, Take me home and make me like it, Every trick in the book, Whole lotta shakin’ going on, Lke flies on sherbet, Night time, My rival, No more the moon shines on lorenza, All the time

Hot Club, Philadelphia 13-12-77 Set #2
Bangkok, Can’t seem to make you mine, Wouldn’t it be nice, Kanga roo, Baby doll, Executive suite, You get what you deserve, Hook or crook, Do you wanna dance, Jenny, Secret agent man, Domino, Oh oh I love her so, Funtime, Fire & water, Intrumental medley

Demo recorded 77, Elektra Studios, Connecticut
Tracks: My rival, She might look my way, Windows hotel, Can’t seem to make you mine, Shakin’ the world, All the time

Demo recorded 77, Big Apple Studios, New York
Tracks: Bangkok

Demo recorded 77, Olympia Studios, London
Tracks: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine

Demos recorded 77, Wallingford, Connecticut
Tracks: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine, Shakin’ the world

Demo recorded 78, Memphis
Tracks: Baron Of Love Pt. One

Demo recorded 78 New York
Tracks: My Rival, Little Fishy, She Might Look My Way

Demos recorded 78-79 Peter Holsapple (db’s) sessions
Tracks: Tennis Bum, Marshall law, Train kept a rollin/Mona

CBGB’s, New York 78
Tracks: Holocaust, A little fishy, Baby beside me

Austin, Texas Nov 78 KUT FM
Tracks: Rock Hard, Riding Through The Reich, The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh), I’ve Had It, No More The Moon Shines On Lorena, Waltz Across Texas, Lili Marlene, The Way I Walk


Further Information;

Line ups:

Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton (voc/gtr)
Jeff Newman (banjo/gtr)
Terry Manning (bass/keyb)
Richard Rosebraugh (drms)

Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton (voc)
Ken Woodley (bass)
Rick Clark (bass/keyb)
Richard Rosebraugh (drms)
John Tiven (gtr)
David Beaver (keyb)

Alex Chilton & the Cossacks
77 – 78
Alex Chilton (voc/gtr)
Chris Stamey (bass)
Richard Lloyd (gtr)
Will Rigby (drms)
Fran Kowalski (keyb)
Lloyd Fonoroff (drms)
Tommy Hoehn (keyb)

Tommy Hoehn band
Tommy Hoehn (voc/keyb)
Andy Tate (gtr)
Rick Clarke (bass)
David Cousar (gtr)
Walter Polk (perc)
Philip (keyb)
John Hampton (drms)
Chris Bell (gtr)

Alex Chilton is ex-Devilles, Box Tops (63-70), Big Star
Richard Rosebraugh is ex-Jokers, Alamo, Hot Dogs, Big Star
Alex Chilton, Ken Woodley, Richard Rosebrough also in Chris Bell‘s band
Richard Rosebraugh, Alex Chilton also recorded as The Dolby Fuckers
Chris Stamey, Will Rigby are also in the Db’s
Richard Lloyd is also in Television
Jon Tiven, Tommy Hoehn, Rick Clark, Richard Rosebrough also in Prix