(Cambridge / London, UK late 76 – 78)


Official Pre-79 Releases;

Simon Boswell

Various Artists – Guitar Workshop 2xLP (Transatlantic records, TRA-271) released 73
Tracks: Trout joins the cavalry, Trout sundae

The Mind Parasites LP (Transatlantic records, TRA-307) released 76
Tracks: As I see you, Crawling away, Ideal love, Lemmings lament, Maidstone, Punchline, The mind parasites, Too much thinking, Wet Mexicans, When the sun sets on the sage, Yangste gangster


Lipstick 7” (EMI, EMI-2710) released Oct 77
Tracks: Lipstick, Lonely Guys

Stolen Love 7” (EMI, EMI-2754) released Feb 78
Tracks: Stolen Love, Suspender fun

Advertising Jingles LP (EMI, EMC-3253) released Jun 78
Tracks: Lipstick, Ich liebe dich, Pleasure seekers, Suspender fun, Shy, The look-alikes, A.R.T. art, Respect, Mean to me, The lonely guys, My advice, Jealousy, Stolen love, You cost too much

Various Artists – Meet the New (Punk) Wave LP (EMI-Bovema, 5C 050-25896)
Released 78, Holland
Tracks: Lipstick


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

A Special Moment

Unreleased 7” on Island records, 76
Tracks: Lets socialize

Simon Boswell

Demo recorded Aug 76, spaceward studios
Tracks: The house on the hill, How the other half dies, Stolen love, Lovers only meet to say goodbye, Lonely guys


Further Information;
Line ups:

A Special Moment
75 – 76
Tot Taylor (keyb)
Simon Boswell (gtr/voc)
Gus Goad (bass/voc)
Mick Bass (gtr)
John Whetstone (drms)

Simon Boswell Band
Simon Boswell (gtr/voc)
Tony Durant
Michael Gregory

Advertising #1
Mick Cox (bass)
Paul Bultitude (drms)
Simon Boswell (voc/gtr)
Tot Taylor (keyb)

Tot Taylor (keyb)
Simon Boswell (voc/gtr)
Paul Bultitude (drms)
Dennis Smith (bass)

Gus Goad, Mick Bass, John Whetstone (Fontaine) are later in Blue Kittens, The Zips
Simon Boswell & Mick Cox are ex-Duke Duke & the Dukes (Cambridge, 74), Simon Boswell later in Live Wire
Tot Taylor later Sham 69, Tot & the Girls From Room 419
Dennis Smith & Paul Bultitude later in Secret Affair