Acme Sewage Co

(Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK early 76 – early 80)






Official Pre-79 Releases;


Various Artists – Raw Deal LP (Raw records, RAWL-1) recorded 77 released Dec 77
Tracks: I don’t need you, I can see you



Various Artists – Oh No It’s More From Raw LP (Raw, RAWL-2) released early 78
Tracks: I wish you dead



Various Artists – Farewell to the Roxy LP (Lightning, LIP-2) recorded 31-12-77, released Apr 78
Tracks: Smile and wave goodbye (live)


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demo recorded 77 pre Raw (Tracks unknown)

Demo recorded for Raw Deal compilations 77, Spaceward studios
Tracks: I can see you (‘Raw Deal’), I don’t need you (‘Raw Deal’), High rise, I wish you dead (‘More from Raw’)

Demos recorded early 78
Tracks: (You make me) sick, Car ride, Down in the alleyway, Everyone, Freedom (revisited), Heroin, I’ll be your stranger, Mercenary, Sewage, Talk to me, Too much hate, You’ll never know my name


Further Information;

Line ups:

late 76 – 78
Pete Barber (bass)
Ozzy Ego (gtr/voc)
Simon Coxhill (drms)
Lol Coxhill (sax)

Ozzy Ego (gtr/voc)
Simon Coxhill (drms)
John Strudwick (bass)
Pete Watson (bass)

78 – 80
Simon Turner (keyb)
Paul Walker (drms)
Simon Coxhill (bass)
Ozzy Ego (gtr/voc)

Ozzy Ego & Pete Watson are ex-Bullfrog
Lol Coxhill is ex-Delivery, later played in The Damned late 77, 49 Americans (79-82)