(Maldon, Essex, UK late 76 – 80)

Official Pre-79 Releases;

Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Demos recorded 77, STMS Studios (Pete Reynold), 2 sessions (Tracks unknown)

Colchester Institute of Higher Education 4-11-77
Tracks: Life, Oh Yeah, I’m just a worn out yeti, Dancehall disaster, Euphoria, X marks the spot, Teenage romance, All or nothing, Police stop, The kids are alright, I’ve finished with Finland

Demos recorded 78 (John Loader), 2 sessions (Tracks unknown)


Further Information;

Line ups:

#1                                      #2                                      #3
77                                      77/78                                 78
Terrence Ruffle (gtr/voc)  Terrence Ruffle (gtr/voc)  Terrence Ruffle (gtr/voc)
Will Kemp (bass/voc)       Will Kemp (bass/voc)       Will Kemp (bass/voc)
Johnny ? (drms)               Paul Sullivan (drms)          Paul Sullivan (drms)
.                                                                                   Mark Robins (gtr)
#4                                      #5
78                                      78 – 80
Terrence Ruffle (gtr/voc)  Terrence Ruffle (gtr/voc)
Paul Sullivan (drms)         Paul Sullivan (drms)
Mark Robins (gtr)              Mark Robins (gtr)
Nick Fisher (b)                  Nick ‘tramp’ Smith (bass/voc)

Nick Smith is ex Deeno’s Marvels

Information kindly provided by Terrence Ruffle (guitarist/vocalist, Accidents).  The Live show is available via Terrence’s blog along with recordings spanning his entire career