(Manchester, UK 75 – 79)

Official Pre-79 Releases;

Execution EP 7” (Eye) released Mar 78
Tracks: Execution, Stranglehold, Self indulgent kid


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Picadilly Radio session recorded 78
Tracks: Before the fall, Crimson warlord, Execution, No man can

Live Manchester 78
Tracks: Feast of the kings, God bless rock, There is a lady, They wont get me

Demos recorded 77/78
Tracks: The whole town is klu klux klan, Darkness falls, Rainfall on the ground, Solus four, There is a way of killing your enemy


Further Information;!/album/The+Accidents+Collection/7533050

Line ups;

76-77                                    77-78
Eddie Mooney (voc/bass)    Eddie Mooney (voc/bass)
Paul McKavanagh (keyb)     Paul McKavanagh (keyb)
Vincent Heaney (drms)        Keith Hartwell (keyb)
Chris Atkinson (gtr)              Alan Arenstein (drms)
Keith Hartwell (keyb)

Eddie Mooney also in Eddie Mooney & the Grave