(London, UK May 74 – Jun 76)
Pub Rock, originally called El Huaso & the All Stars


Official Pre-79 Releases;


Keys To Your Heart 7″ (Chiswick, S-3) released Jun 76
Tracks: Keys to your heart, 5 star rock ‘n’ roll petrol

Various Artists – Submarine Tracks & Fools Gold: Chiswick chartbusters Volume One LP (Chiswick, CH-2) released Jul 77
Tracks: Keys to your heart

Various Artists – La Boite Punk! Ouvrez ou ca va Sauter! 16×7″ promo Box Set (Barclay) released Nov 77, France
Tracks: Keys to your heart, 5 star rock n roll

Various Artists – Never mind Other Labels: Here’s Chiswick 10″ LP (Chiswick, 0900.045) released 77, Germany
Tracks: Keys to your heart

Various Artists – Sonido Chiswick LP (Chiswick, 17.1380/6) released 78, Spain
Tracks: Keys to your heart


Other Pre-79 Recordings;

Joe Strummer

Demo recorded 73
Tracks: Bumble bee blues


Ronnie Scotts, London 8-7-75 broadcast by Radio Concorde (Tracks unknown)

Nashville, London 4-11-75
Tracks: Maybelline

Demo recorded 28-11-75 Jacksons Studio
Tracks: Letsagetabitarockin, Silent telephone, Motor boys motor, Steamgauge 99, Sweety of the St. Moritz, Hideaway

Rehearsal recorded Dec 75, 42 Orsett Terrace
Tracks: Heartbreak hotel

Cleopatra’s, Derby 20-12-75
Tracks: Bony Moronie, Lestagetabitarockin, Shake your hips, Hoy hoy hoy, Heartbreak hotel, Choo choo ch’boogie, Smokey joe’s cafe, Johnny B Goode, Oh Carol, Out of time, I’m down, Route 66, Who do you love, Silent telephone, Monkey business, Junco partner, Be bop a lula, Steam gauge 99, Hideaway, I saw her standing there, Slippin’ and slidin’, Country rock & roll, Han djive, Sweety of the st moritz, Motor boys motor, Roll over beethoven, Gloria

Rehearsal recorded Jan 76, 42 Orsett Terrace
Tracks: Surf city, Sweet revenge

Rehearsal recorded Feb 76, 42 Orsett Terrace
Tracks: Sweet revenge, Surf city, Keys to your heart

Demo recorded 4-3-76 Pathway studios
Tracks: Sweet revenge, Rabies, Keys to your heart, Instrumental city, Surf city, Five star rock ‘n’ roll

Demo recorded 10-3-76 Pathway studios
Tracks: Keys to your heart

Wandsworth Prison, London 21-3-76
Tracks: Out of time

BBC Sessions recorded 10-4-76
Tracks: Surf city, Keys to your heart, 5 star R ‘n’ R

Roundhouse, London 18-4-76
Tracks: Monkey business, Shake your hips, Junco Partner, Dont let it go, Monkey business, Gloria

Camberwell Art School, London 21-5-76
Tracks: Shake your hips, Lonely mothers son, Keep taking the tablets, Junco Partner, Maybelline

Cellar Club, Bracknell 22-5-76
Tracks: Gloria


Further Information;


Line ups:

May 74 – May 75                    May 75 – Jan 76                   Jan – Jun 76
Richard Dudanski (drms)     Richard Dudanski (drms)    Richard Dudanski (drms)
Clive Timperley (gtr)             Clive Timperley (gtr)            Clive Timperley (gtr)
Joe Strummer (gtr/voc)        Dan Kelleher (bass/keyb)    Dan Kelleher (bass/keyb)
Maurice Chesterton (bass)  Joe Strummer (gtr/voc)        Joe Strummer (gtr/voc)
Pat Nother (bass)                                                              Martin Stone (gtr)
Simon Cassell (sax)
Antonio Narvaez (drms)
Alvaro Pena Rojas (sax)
Julian Yewdall (harm)
Tymon Dogg (violin)
John Mole (bass)

Richard Dudanski later in Tymon Dogg & the Fools, Raincoats
Tymon Dogg later in Tymon Dogg & the Fools
Clive Timperley is Foxton Flight, later in The Passions
Joe Strummer is ex-Deus Ex Machina, Vultures, Flaming Youth, later in The Clash
Dan Kelleher is ex-Rocksoff, also in The Derelicts
Martin Stone is ex-Robin Scott’s band, later in Pink Fairies